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Notifications about new editions of our e-newsletter, Simmarian Online, are emailed to all former students whose email addresses we have. Please fill in our online form to stay in touch with us.

There is more alumni news available from the St Mary's Media Centre.

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We're eager to receive contributions to Simmarian Online. If you've experienced any interesting developments in your life or career that you'd like to share with your former classmates, please email your news to:

Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace entries can be found in back issues of Simmarian Online and The Simmarian magazine. We welcome short obituaries from friends and relatives of former students, members of staff and Honorary Fellows. Where known, please let us know the years during which they attended St Mary's.

Please note: In order to view editions of the Simmarian Online and back issues of The Simmarian magazine on this page you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available to download for free from the Adobe website.

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Back Issues of The Simmarian Magazine (PDFs)

Issue 21 (2009)

Issue 16 (2004)

Issue 11 (Autumn / Winter 2000)

Issue 20 (2008)

Issue 15 (2003)

Issue 10 (Spring 2000)

Issue 19 (2007)

Issue 14 (2002)

Issue 9 (Autumn / Winter 1999)

Issue 18 (2006)

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Issue 8 (Spring / Summer 1999)

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Issue 12 (Spring 2001)