Single Honours Clearing at St Mary's
Joint Honours Clearing at St Mary's

Courses in Clearing 2015 at St Mary's

We have vacancies for all of our courses this year, with the exception of:

  • ITT Primary Teaching
  • Drama and Theatre Arts

Our vacancies are thinly spread across our courses and it is likely that courses will be shut to further applications as we move towards August and the A Level results day on 13th August.

The Clearing Hotline will be open:

Thursday 13th August

7am - 9pm

Friday 14th August

7am - 9pm

Saturday 15th August 

9am - 5pm

Sunday 16th August

9am - 5pm

Monday 17th - 20th August

9am - 5pm

After Thursday 20th August

9am - 5pm

Still have questions about Clearing? Give our Admission Team a call!

We're here to help, so please contact us if there's anything you're not sure of.

Tel: 020 8240 4225