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Clearing at St Mary's September 2014 Entry

Clearing Hotline

020 8240 4225

Clearing Dates

  • A Level Results Day
    - Thursday 14th August
  • UCAS Adjustment closes
    - Sunday 31st August

Calling the Clearing Hotline on Thursday 14th August

It is likely that the Clearing Hotline
will be very busy on Thursday 14th August.

If you canít get through to us right away, please be patient and call us again.

If you are struggling to get through on
the phone, please email us at

Courses in Clearing 2014 at St Mary's

We have a limited number of vacancies on Single and Joint Honours undergraduate courses for students looking to join us in September 2014.

The Clearing Hotline will be open:

14th August

7am - 9pm

15th August

7am - 9pm

16th August 

7am - 5pm

17th August 

7am - 5pm

Monday 18th - 21st August

7am - 5pm

After Thursday 21st August

9am - 5pm


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Single Honours at St Mary's

Joint Honours at St Mary's



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Tel: 020 8240 4225