Mitulkumar Patel"I study Nutrition and Sport Science at St Mary’s. I wanted to be in London and I was also looking for somewhere with a good sports profile. I play hockey for the university and I’m also part of the swimming team. In fact, I am writing my dissertation on the biomechanics of diving and swimming. Doing a joint honours degree helps me pick and choose subjects that I really enjoy. St Mary’s is great, I like the compact campus and that it is not dotted around all over the city. This is what I think real university life is like.  I worked as a student ambassador in my first year, doing campus tours, talking to parents of new students.  It was a good way to make some extra money. After my degree from St Mary’s, I want to study at postgraduate level to become a physiotherapist."
Angel Leung – BSc Nutrition and Sport Science

Mitulkumar Patel"I went to boarding school in the UK. I was considering architecture or archaeology as a career choice but in the end I went for what I have almost enjoyed most: sports and working with little children. My mother was not sure first but she had a complete change of mind. She is now very happy that I am studying Physical Education at St Mary’s because she recognises the importance of sport and education and she says that I will never be out of a job. I’m really glad I came to St Mary’s. The sports facilities are great and we have so many opportunities to do volunteering with local sports teams. I like the friendly size of the campus, the halls and the fact the London is neither too close, nor too far. Staff are very helpful here, and the tutorials are very useful."
Carmen Cheng – BA Physical Education

Mitulkumar Patel"Applied Physics at St Mary’s also allowed me to study additional branches of physics which are not part of the normal physics degrees at other universities. As a student ambassador, I also got a chance to get involved in all the outreach activities in physics. This is very important to inspire new generations to study physics, and I feel proud to be part of it. The Applied Physics staff have high standards of professionalism and enthusiasm, are very supportive and always ready to help, and have an informal open door policy which helped greatly. The lectures are interactive so it’s easy to grasp much of the knowledge in class."
Mitulkumar Patel – BSc Applied Physics

Anna Westin"I felt like I gained a thorough exposure to historical and contemporary issues within the field of bioethics and medical law, and had been introduced to the research of world-class lecturers.  I was very pleased with my course which helped me in understanding more of the why of my Christian beliefs, in a supportive and loving environment. It has enriched me academically, insofar as it has challenged me to formulate and articulate myself according to a high academic standard, and has provided a richness of resources to draw upon.  The lecturers have been extremely supportive, prompt with responding and marking, and available for help when necessarily."
Anna Westin - Doctoral Student in Philosophy

Mitulkumar Patel"I am studying Law St Mary’s. I like the relationship we have here with lecturers. We work in small groups and it is very easy to ask questions. One of my favourite subjects was European law. We actually travelled to Brussels to learn about it. You could not do that in Australia, for example. It is good to be based in London and to be able to travel in Europe. I decided to do a course in the summer to improve my legal writing skills because I really want to get in to a law firm."
Chun Wah Wong – Law LLB