Sociology - a discipline for the 21st Century. This degree offers a fascinating approach to the study of our contemporary world.

Why study Sociology?

With its roots in the rise of modern industrial society, sociology is well placed to explore and understand the personal and public issues of the 21st century whether class, culture or crime.

Sociology is a discipline that addresses the social transformations of our global era such as:

  • The expansion of the internet and the digital economy and society
  • Debates around inequality, life-chances and poverty in terms of social class, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity and age and generation
  • Conflict, war, migration and refugee flows
  • Climate change and environmental risks

Sociology is a subject that will inform you about all these issues, provide you with the research tools and skills to investigate them and, moreover, evaluate and imagine social policies that could make for a better and more socially just world.

Why St Mary's?

Sociology at St Mary's University provides a space to study the subject in a broad interdisciplinary environment that includes criminology, media arts, history and many other humanities disciplines.

At the same time, the sociology programme is taught by a team of academics who you will get to know over the three years with teaching and research interests across the broad spectrum of the social sciences.

A Student View

Muna Abdirahman
"Studying sociology within St Mary's University has been extremely rewarding. The staff and students are all lovely to work with, and studying here has developed my skills and personal attributes."

Sociology NSS results 2015

In the latest HESA Destinations of Leavers survey 95% of St Mary's students were employed or undertaking further study within six months of graduating.

89% of Sociology students agreed that they have good access to learning resources in the 2016 National Student Survey.