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Nomination process

In line with the QAA Quality Code, the University has defined policies and regulations governing the appointment of External Examiners, and premature termination of their contract. Full details of the nomination procedures can be found in the Quality and Standards Handbook including the criteria applied when considering any application.

The Programme must be assured the candidate has the appropriate experience. This does not only refer to the subject/discipline knowledge but also the nature of the programme in question. For instance, nominees for a foundation degree would be expected to have knowledge and experience that relates to the workplace and practice elements that are relevant to FDs. Similarly, nominees for postgraduate programmes should have the relevant background enabling them to moderate and comment on programmes incorporating the greater critical and analytical content expected in postgraduate study.

No person shall be eligible to hold an appointment as External Examiner if:

  1. he/she teaches on the programme of study to which he/she is being considered for appointment; 
  2. he/she holds a teaching or other appointment of St Mary's University or its collaborative partners, or has held such an appointment within four years prior to the date of commencement of the proposed appointment as External Examiner; 
  3. he/she is a close relative of a member of the nominating School or programme team or of a candidate, or has an association with the nominating School which could compromise his/her role and independence as External Examiner;
  4. he/she has previously served as External Examiner at St Mary's University at any time within the previous four years or has an association with the University and/ or the nominating School or the University's collaborative partners; 
  5. he/she already holds two concurrent appointments as External Examiner at first degree and/or higher degree level(s); 
  6. he/she is a current student of St Mary's University or its collaborative partners; 
  7. he/she holds a teaching or other appointment from non-UK institutions; 
  8. he/she has retired from full-time work in higher education;
  9. he/she is employed at an institution where more than one current St Mary's External Examiner is already in post, and/or is employed at the same department at the same institution as any current St Mary's External Examiner already in post.

All nominations for initial appointment must be made on the following forms and submitted to the QS Office.

These forms will be submitted for approval to the relevant Faculty Academic Development Committee (FADC), and then for noting by the Academic Development Committee (ADC).

The FADC will wish to see in particular:

  • Experience in teaching and assessment, and/or professional practice, relevant to the programme(s) for which the appointment of External Examiner is being considered;
  • Experience of programme/curriculum design and/or leadership, and familiarity with quality assurance procedures.