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Hidden Figures and Histories

'Hidden Figures and Histories' is a collaboration project between the BAME Network and the Student Union at St Mary's University to celebrate Black History Month.

It celebrates and recognises some of our Black staff and alumni, but particularly the hidden lives of the simple but extra-ordinary men and women who have shaped their backstories, and contributed to the wonderful tapestry and history of the UK.

The video will take you on a journey of a handful of amazing men and women where you will hear snippets of 'real histories of real inspiring' people told by those closest to them.

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month with this labour of love: Hidden Figures and Histories.

My Greatest Achievement

In 'My Greatest Achievement' some of our black St Mary's students and graduates share the achievements that they are most proud of. And these achievements tell us just a little of who they are: their tremendous resilience, shining talent, and inspiring ambitions.

In appreciating their achievements, we can also recognise so much of the values and spirit of the University that they embody.

What is your greatest achievement?

Elizabeth Kimoto hedshot

Elizabeth Kimoto

Hi my name is Elizabeth and I study International Business Management. My great achievement is getting into University. I'd never thought I was worthy enough to even complete a degree bit now I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Anthony Ojewande boxing

Anthony Ojewande

Hi, I'm Anthony and I study Sport Psychology. The greatest achievement from boxing so far, is that I had the opportunity to box abroad to places like Ireland and Spain. Boxing in Spain for me was probably the best achievement so far in my boxing career,because I got the chance to fight in a well known boxing club in Marbella called MTK. Fighters like, Tyson fury, Billy joe Saunders and Ryan farrag and many more professional boxers have trained there and I felt privileged to train there my self. I know that I can go all the way with boxing if I put in the time and determination and worth ethic I will go very far with it. To be the best of the best.

Dion Richardson headshot

Dion Richardson

Hi my name is Dion Richardson, I’m 20 years old and I am a business management student at St Mary’s. I am of mixed ethnicity, my father’s side of the family is from Anguilla and my mothers side is from Ireland . I am a Commonwealth Games silver medalist and a 8x British National Champion in the sport of Taekwondo. I’ve been doing Taekwondo for 15 years, the sport has shaped me into the person I am today; taking so many experiences and life lessons from the sport into other aspects of life. I have many goals in Taekwondo but the biggest one of all is to become Olympic Champion.

Avril Cassell

My greatest achievement is raising my four children - aged 21, 18, 13 and 8. I have had a few businesses including a successful wedding and design consultancy - but my life has centred on them, putting all our energy and resources into helping them to be the best they can be! When my eldest entered medicals chool 3 years ago, I decided to return to study and start a Nutrition BSc.

I won Start-up St Mary’s Santander Prize and achieved a First in my degree alongside an Outstanding Achievement Award for my degree. I also won a Studentship from the UK Nutrition Society and presented my results on effects culture and lifestyle factors including racial discrimination on health inequalities in BME UK populations. I am now doing a Masters in Chronic Disease Management.

My second daughter’s now started Law at Cardiff and my 13 year old has been featured on BBC2 at his grammar school. My youngest received 2 awards at school for his hard work which means the world to me as he is growing in confidence! Raising the next generation of young, gifted and Black children alongside my wonderfully supportive husband is and always will be my greatest achievement!

Maya Cuthbert

I think my biggest achievement is having graduated from uni with 1st class honours during a pandemic; and also extending my dissertation research that will (hopefully) make some change for Black, Asian and minority ethnicstudents!