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We are proud to partner  Million Minutes to honour the achievements of young people across England and Wales through the Celebrating Young People Awards 2016.

Celebrating Young People Awards recognises the achievements of those truly remarkable young people who make our communities and our world a better place. The Awards, which take their inspiration from Catholic social teaching, recognise the enormous, often unseen, social action of young people. 

Their achievements are an inspiration for all - they show us how ordinary people can do the most extraordinary things.

Young people aged 11 to 25, from anywhere in England and Wales, are eligible to be nominated. Nominations can be for an individual or groups and can be made by anyone within the Catholic community, from friends and family to teachers and clergy.

The Award Recipients will be announced at a high profile awards ceremony in Central London on Tuesday 19th July 2016, where Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Chancellor of St Mary's University, will again present the coveted Pope Francis Award.

Who is your young unsung hero or heroine? Or maybe a group worth singling out? This is a chance to honour young people whom we might not otherwise notice. Visit the Million Minutes website for more information and to make your nomination.

"It is a delight to be associated with [these] awards... where young people are celebrated for their commitment to community engagement, to building up social cohesion and for showing solidarity. It truly is inspirational and an example to those of us who are older."

Francis Campbell, Vice-Chancellor