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Clearing at St Mary's

Courses available through Clearing

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How to apply


If you already have your grades you can apply online by completing our online application form.

If you're still awaiting grades you'll be able to pre-register your interest, meaning we can contact you once your grades are confirmed.

Apply online

Call the Clearing hotline: 020 8240 4225

Opening times: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

You can also request a callback using on online enquiry form.

Live chat

The live chat icon will show in the corner of your screen if an operator is available. Simply begin a chat to start your Clearing application. 


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Clearing stories

Lauren missed her grades

"I believe I have had more opportunities at St Mary’s than I would have had if I had gone to my first choice university."

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Shannon changed her mind

"Going through Clearing for me was a well thought out decision."

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Laura didn't have a UCAS application

"I was very excited to find out that I could still go to university even though I had made the choice at the last minute."

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