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You asked questions; we listened. Below you will find answers to all your Clearing and Adjustment needs including tips and tricks for preparation!



What is Clearing?

Clearing is a process that enables prospective students to apply for a course that they wish to study if they have not met the entry requirements for their initial choices when they receive their results.

What is Clearing Plus?

Clearing Plus is a tool specifically designed to help students find the perfect course for them. In comparison to the normal clearing search, Clearing Plus suggests courses that may suit you, using the information UCAS already knows about you, such as:

  • Your original course choices
  • Your grades
  • The universities’ entry requirements

To see the recommended courses, login to UCAS and click the button ‘See matches’. If you register your interest in any of the courses, the university can contact you. 

What is Adjustment?

Adjustment is the process that allows prospective students to change where they want to study if they have met or exceeded the entry requirements of their choices when they receive their results.


How does Clearing work?

Each year universities submit a list of courses available for Clearing, which can be found using the Clearing search tool on the UCAS website.  If you already have a specific university in mind, you can find the courses they offer on their website. View the courses St Mary’s offer

If you find a course you like, you can contact the university directly. All universities run a Clearing hotline where you can discuss your options with a member of staff. When you contact the universities, you need to provide them with your Clearing Number and UCAS Personal ID, so they can access your application.

If you are offered a place at the university, you can accept it on UCAS track.

Please note: if you already have an offer from another university, you need to decline it before you can accept a new one.

How does Adjustment work?

Similarly to Clearing, you should begin by looking at the course vacancies using the search tool on the UCAS website. Then you can call the university to discuss the available vacancies. Make sure you tell them you are applying through adjustment and give them your Personal ID so they can access your application.

If a university is able to make you an offer, you will be asked if you would like to accept the offer. If you say yes, the university will add themselves to your choices, track will then update to say you have accepted the offer and you will be sent a confirmation letter.

Please note: you should make it clear to the university that you are still figuring out your options at this stage. You can only make one verbal agreement, so only say yes if you are absolutely certain!

How do I apply for Clearing?

There is no official application process for clearing, if you meet the eligibility requirements you can contact universities anytime during clearing.

However, if you are interested in studying at a particular university but are undecided on what course you wish to study, some universities will allow you to pre-register and then they will contact you when you receive your results.

How to apply to St Mary's

How do I apply for Adjustment?

To apply for Adjustment log into UCAS track and click 'Register for Adjustment' on the choices screen. Then you have five 24-hour periods to find a new course. If you have not found a course you like before the time runs out, don’t worry because you still have a place at your original firm offer.

How long does Clearing take?

The length of the Clearing process may vary depending on the individual. Some people may be fortunate enough to accept an offer from the first university they contact, but for others it may take time – a few days maybe even weeks and that’s okay! The most important thing to remember is you chose the university and course that is best for you.

How long does Adjustment last?

Currently the exact dates for Adjustment 2021 are yet to be confirmed. They will be published on the UCAS website later on in the year.


Who is eligible for Clearing?

You can apply through Clearing if:

  • You did not meet the entry requirements for any of your offers
  • Your grades are better than you expected (see adjustment for more information)
  • You have not applied you any universities yet (after 30th June)
  • You have not received any offers
  • You have an offer from a university, but you want to study somewhere else



Are international students eligible for Clearing?

Yes, all international students are eligible for Clearing if they have applied to university through UCAS before 30th June.

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Where can I find my Clearing Number?

You can find your clearing number on UCAS track.


Is there Clearing for Postgraduate courses?

Clearing is not available for postgraduate courses because individuals are not required to submit a UCAS application, but you can apply online now for one of our postgraduate degrees.


Can I apply for Clearing without UCAS?

If you have not applied for a course through UCAS before 30th June, you will be automatically entered for Clearing. However, if you do not have a UCAS account, you can still be accepted onto a course if you contact the university and complete a Record of Prior Acceptance (RPA) form.

If a university makes you an offer you will have 24-hours to complete the RPA form. They will send you an offer email where you will find the login details to access the form. You will also need to provide copies of the certificates for the qualifications in the offer email. They can be scanned, or you can attach photos of the certificates.

Once the university has received your form and certificates, they will register you with UCAS, confirm your offer and then they will send you an email with information to welcome you to the university.

Further information

Still nervous about Clearing? Here’s some advice to help calm your mind:

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Key dates

  • Monday 5th July 2021: Clearing begins
  • Tuesday 10th August 2021: A-level results day (this is when most people will be added to Clearing)
  • July-August: you can access Clearing as soon as you receive your results (students doing a BTEC)
  • Tuesday 19th October 2021: Clearing finishes

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