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Face-to-face teaching for September 2021

The campus experience and face-to-face teaching will be at the heart of St Mary’s provision in 2021/22 and beyond. 

We have called our future approach to teaching at St Mary's "Face-to-face PLUS". This reflects our plan to retain face-to-face on-campus teaching, but also use digital platforms supplement your learning experience. 

All programmes (except those specifically designed to be online) will continue to provide in-person on-campus teaching. 

Tutorials and seminars will primarily be delivered face-to-face. It is anticipated that some larger lectures may be conducted online, but where possible we will seek to maximise in-person, campus-based delivery.  

To enhance your experience, most lectures will be recorded and uploaded to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), so that you can watch them back at a time that suits you.  

Sport and social life 

The Students' Union's Freshers' Fest will include a wide range of in-person events over your first couple of week at St Mary's and we anticipate sporting and social life being back to normal from the start of term. 

COVID-19 safety measures 

To continue keeping our St Mary’s community safe we strongly encourage you to: 

  • Wear a face covering in crowded spaces, in hallways and in eateries 
  • Wash or sanitise your hands frequently 
  • Take up the opportunity to get a COVID-19 vaccine 
  • Undertake regular asymptomatic testing even if you are fully vaccinated (we have an free testing centre on-campus) 
  • If you show any symptoms, are contacted by track and trace or test positive to self-isolate and follow the NHS guidance 

Please note:  we will always follow the latest government guidelines. The information on this webpage will be updated if the guidelines change.