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To keep everyone safe on campus, we are regularly monitoring and acting on government guidance regarding Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

We understand that you want to keep yourself safe on campus. It can be hard to know when wearing a face covering is mandatory, recommended or your preference. Please read our guidance below regarding wearing face coverings.

Where do I need to wear a face covering?

Face coverings are mandatory in the following University buildings:

  • All teaching spaces
  • All corridors
  • The Library and Social Learning Space
  • The Commuter Lounge
  • In any University retail or food outlet including the Refectory, Dolce Vita, Bar/Lounge. (Your face covering can be removed when you sit down to eat.)
  • The Chapel, Crypt and Multi-Faith Prayer room
  • To attend a production in the Theatre
  • The Exchange building,
  • Communal toilet facilities; or
  • When you are using areas in which you cannot practise social distancing.

Are there any exemptions? Do I need to wear a face covering in my accommodation?

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering (see the government guidance), you won’t need to wear one.

Staff and students should be mindful that not all reasons for exemption will be visible and be sensitive to those who may not wear a face covering because they are exempt.

If you’re in accommodation where residential bubbles are put in place, you won’t have to wear a face covering whilst in your residential bubble.

Where can I get a face covering?

All student and staff were supplied with two washable face coverings at the start of the academic year. Should you lose or require further coverings these will be at your own expense. All visitors will be required to bring their own face coverings. 

If you are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to undertake your work or studies, we will provide these.