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Portfolio Review Committee

Reporting to Academic Board, the Portfolio Review Committee aims to make recommendations that can be used to guide academic strategic decisions in relation to Portfolio refinements, consolidation, growth and development. These include recommendations in relation to programmes that are positioned for stability and viability in line with Vision 2030, those that are not or require further attention and allocation to resources.  

The Portfolio Review Committee also works to adopt an integrated approach with Deans, Directors and Heads of Professional Services to maintain oversight of programmes within academic departments based on the University’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with external reporting requirements.  

The Committee operates to receive updates from designated leads on core datasets, steps to translate into meaningful insight to ensure that St Mary’s delivers a relevant, diverse, attractive, research-informed, and distinctive academic portfolio and curricula in compliance with the relevant quality assurance and enhancement procedures. This includes work being undertaken to continuously develop portfolio of programmes to the relevant student, graduate and employability outcomes and demands. 

Terms of Reference

  1. Provide a strategic steer to Academic Board on the St Mary’s Portfolio of programmes and modules aligned to the University’s Vision and Mission statement. This includes future opportunities to add overall value and expand the University’s ‘Offer’ to include Continuing Education and other opportunities to enter new markets to ensure increased inclusivity, access and attainment from under-represented groups.  
  2. Receive for review and monitor Portfolio alignment of University Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and horizon scan for changes in the sector leading into University Portfolio developments. This includes KPIs linked to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), Employability, Access and Participation, Quality Assurance and those articulated in Vision 2030, however in connection with student numbers and economies of scale.  
  3. Receive overview of Business Intelligence data and Market Analysis insight reports from the Strategic Planning Office and Global Engagement to support and inform Portfolio developments and innovation. 
  4. Recommend to Academic Board for each level of study, the parameters for determining minimum thresholds required for delivery of programmes and modules to ensure long-term viability. This extends to specified number of core, optional and or elective modules considering any programme specific requirements such as those from relevant Professional, Statutory and Regulatory (PSRBs) and other aspects of compliance for the relevant Portfolio area. 
  5. Report on Faculty/Institute exemptions to minimum programme and module thresholds as determined by Academic Board. 
  6. Receive and consider for Academic Board approval, Faculty and Institute Academic Portfolio Plans produced in consultation with all relevant key stakeholders and as proposed by relevant Dean or Director of Faculty and Institute for programme management projections. This includes promoting a long-term approach to planning, with appropriate focus on the evolution of the ‘offer’ over a 2–3-year period (short term) and 4-5 years (long-term). 
  7. Keep oversight of approved Faculty and Institute Academic Portfolio Review Plans to ensure that the Financial Stategic Planning, Marketing and Quality Assurance aspects are maintained, and programmes as well as associated modules, continue to be viable.  
  8. Review intakes against targets for programme (and associated modules) priortising where improvements and further attention is required.  
  9. Review the St Mary’s Portfolio of programmes and, where appropriate consult with colleagues of other relevant Committees within the University's Governance structure, to recommend Faculty/Institute proposals for changes to award(s) and or titles, programme closure and pause to recruitment for approval by Academic Board.
  10. Receive annual overview of Faculty/Institute proposals for introduction of new awards, introduction of programme pathways, costings and implementation timescales for development. This includes receiving for and changes to existing award titles to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Consumer Marketing Authority (CMA).  
  11. Review and monitor overview of outcomes from the annual programme review process to inform Academic Portfolio Review Plans to ensure quality enhancement and promote a culture of continuous improvement across the University’s portfolio of programmes, making recommendations for meeting key performance indicators. 
  12. Make recommendations for streamlined processes to strengthen connection between Academic and Professional Services areas of work. This includes recommendations that all necessary resourcing (infrastructure and staffing) required to support academic delivery is predicted well in advance and planned for effectively by the relevant Head of Services for implementation of approved outcomes as above. 


To facilitate consideration of Faculty/ Institute Academic Portfolio Review Plans and oversight within respective areas of work as above, the following Deans, Directors and Heads of Services would be invited for their contributions:

  • Provost and Chief Academic Officer (Chair) 
  • Student Union Education President 
  • Deans and Directors of Faculty/Institutes 
  • Dean of Leaning and Teaching
  • Associate Deans of Student Experience 
  • Academic Board nominees (x2): Associate Professor, Programme Lead PGT/PGR, Secondary Education and Lifelong Learning and Head of Department, Sports and Exercise Science (SES) 
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Interim/Director of Human Resources 
  • Interim/Director of Global Engagement
  • Market Research and Data Analyst 
  • Director of Strategic Planning  
  • Director of Estates and Campus
  • Director of Student Operations 
  • University Academic Business Manager
  • Head of Data and Analytics 
  • Head of Registry Services
  • Head of Quality Assurance and Academic Partnerships
  • Head of Employability Services
  • Head of Widening Participation
  • Head of Admissions and Recruitment

Secretariat: University Academic Strategy Project Manager. 

Quorum: 50% of the membership to include student representation. A named alternate nominee should be provided to Committee Secretariat if attendance is not possible. 

Meetings: The Committee shall meet as below adopting a thematic approach to Committee business to focus discussion and outcomes. Please note that additional meetings may be called by the Chair as necessary to execute the business of the Committee.

  • Friday 2 September 2022
  • Wednesday 12 October 2022  
  • Monday 7 November 2022
  • Wednesday 15 February 2023
  • March 2023 (tbc)
  • Wednesday 7 June 2023

Meeting times (10-12pm)