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Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture: What Have Philosophers Ever Done For Us?

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Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture: What Have Philosophers Ever Done For Us?

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Dr Phil Hutchinson - Manchester Metropolitan University, Senior Lecture in Philosophy


There have been recent well-publicised pronouncements by science writers on the death or redundancy of Philosophy (Peter Atkins, Stephen Hawking). These pronouncements find echoes and support in the less well-publicised reactions philosophers have had when contributing to discussion of, for example, Evidence Based Practice. In this talk, I seek to make a case for the relevance and importance of philosophers’ contributions to debates that reach beyond the confines of academia into areas of public policy. I use Evidence Based Practice and, in particular, Evidence Based Medicine, as my case study.

About the speaker

Phil Hutchinson is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University. He published his first book, Shame and Philosophy: an Investigation in the Philosophy of Emotions and Ethics, in 2008. He has also published numerous papers on Wittgenstein’s philosophy, Philosophy of Emotions and Political Philosophy. He is currently working on a book on Philosophy as Therapy (co-authored with Rupert Read) and, as this talk indicates, has tentatively begun work on conceptions of medical practice.

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