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Visualising Law and Gender Conference

Wednesday 3rd - Thursday 4th September 2014


Title: Visualising Law and Gender Location: Strawberry Hill Campus When: Wednesday 3rd September - Thursday 4th September 2014 Booking is now open for the 2014 Visualising Law and Gender conference at the Centre for Law and Culture, St Mary’s University. book-now-buttonRegistration fee: £100 (includes refreshments, lunch, and conference dinner) Accommodation available: £60.50 per night B&B Law both regulates cultural representations and creates them. These dual themes will be explored in a conference focused upon the twin strands of law and visual culture, and law and gender. How does law regulate gender; how does it regulate images? What is/are the relationship/s between visual culture and the gendering of law? How have gendered divisions structured the legal profession and practice, and what is the role of the visual in understanding such complexities? How can visual culture and representation challenge or enlighten the gendered dimensions of law? This conference is aimed at exploring the intersections of law, gender, and the visual in an effort to address such questions and related concerns. Centre for Law and Culture Conference (PDF) Schedule: Day 1 (Wednesday 3rd September): 10am - 11am: Registration and Refreshments in the Waldegrave Drawing Room 11am - 12.30pm: Plenary 1: Prof Chris Ashford, Northumbria University (Waldegrave Drawing Room) 12.30pm - 13.30pm: Lunch provided in the Waldegrave Drawing Room 13.30pm - 15.00pm: Parrallel Panels 1
Representation 1 Senior Common Room
Kim Barker Visualising gender: Male-audiences or creative artistic licence?
Laura Lammasniemi Visualisation of pity in the anti-trafficking campaigns
Judith Bourne Portia and the press: Helena Normanton and her depiction by the newspapers
15.00pm - 15.30pm: Refreshments provided in the Waldegrave Drawing Room 15.30pm - 17.00pm: Parallel Panels 2
Gender and Culture Senior Common Room Representation 2 D121
Tung Le Xuan Surrogacy in Vietnam: Womanhood and procreation through the lens of culture Wendy Steel and Chantal Davies An examination of the perceptions of undergraduate law students in relation to the depiction and representation of female lawyers in the media and film
Jill Marshall Burqa bans: Controlling or empowering identities through law? Hannah Baumeister Drawing on forced marriage
Caroline Derry Spectacular punishment: Law and the body of the eighteenth-century female husband
17.20pm and 17.30pm: Tours of Strawberry Hill House (£5 subsidised additional fee) 19.00pm: Drinks reception in D121 and Waldegrave Drawing Room 20.00pm: Conference dinner provided in the Senior Common Room   Day 2 (Thursday 4th September): 10.00am - 10.30am: Refreshments provided in the Waldegrave Drawing Room 10.30am - 12.00pm: Panel session 3:
Gender and Art 1 Senior Common Room
Clare Sandford-Couch Images and the administration of justice in fourteenth century Italy
Stefan Huygebaert A case of art, law and gender: The problematic femininity of sculptural representations of (Lady?) Justice
Isobel Williams From fashion plates to nudes: The historic female context for male judges
12.00pm - 13.00pm: Lunch provided in the Waldegrave Drawing Room 13.00pm - 14.30pm: Parallel Panels 4:
Gender and Art 2 D121 Gender and Text Senior Common Room
Images of law through mediums of art Elena Falletti Legal reasoning and stereotypes in the case law from a comparative family law perspective
Sophie Doherty Susana the slut: Depictions of rape victims in art and in law Ann M Hale Anxious mothers, anxious brothers, widows, and working men: Gender and the provision of legal advice in late-nineteenth-century advice columns
Thomas Giddens Gender beyond text: Examining feminist philosophy of self in Japanese manga
14.30pm - 15.00pm: Refreshments provided in the Waldegrave Drawing Room 15.00pm - 16.30pm: Panel session 5:
Crime and Criminology D121
Catherine O'Sullivan Gender, film and white collar crime
Jennifer Edwards and Christopher Harding Gender roles in cartel collusion: The puzzle of the missing females
Nic Groombridge Jane Austen as corrective to gothic criminology
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Wednesday 3rd - Thursday 4th September 2014

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