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1st International Conference of Multidisciplinary Engagement (ICME), London 2018

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1st International Conference of Multidisciplinary Engagement (ICME), London 2018

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Crafting Engagement – What is it? Where to next?

‘Engagement’ has increasingly become a desired hallmark of human activity and interactions; we see the term frequently referenced in programmes and interventions, across a range of disciplines and practices. Though an accessible and well-utilised word, for many scholars, the question remains: what exactly is engagement?

This assembly is for scholars who have been working in, or are keen to become involved in, ‘engagement’ studies – which includes but is not limited to: paradigmatic constructions of engaged behaviour; articulating policymakers’ agendas with civic engagement and responsiveness; motivation and volition as adjuncts or mediators of engagement; practical education strategies to improve students’ achievement outcomes; organisational research on negotiation; stakeholder involvement and job satisfaction; and positive psychology initiatives to promote well-being in the domains of sport, health and social welfare.

Presentations and associated papers should focus on (i) theoretical underpins of engagement and/or (ii) the incorporation and utilisation of engagement in your current field. Submissions should critically assess issues scholars have encountered when describing, applying and progressing engagement research.

This conference is the first initiative of an emergent Engagement Research Group (ERG) comprising international scholars from across varied disciplines, with a shared primary goal of understanding, adapting and promoting ‘engagement’ in research and practice. Other anticipated outcomes of this conference include (i) a serial journal publication on engagement, (ii) potential projects to initiate grant applications, and (iii) networking with interdisciplinary academics and practitioners who represent the ‘cutting-edge’ of engagement research.

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If you would like to attend any of the sessions, registration is available on the day.

Conference Organiser: Dr Melissa Jogie


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