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Ideas Exchange

Monday 17th December 2018

Location: The Exchange, Twickenham

St Mary’s are delighted to launch the “Ideas Exchange” at 1pm on Monday 17th December. 

Based at The Exchange (opposite Twickenham Station) you are invited to watch a series of ten quick-fire lectures from some of our academics. Each thought-provoking talk is only eight minutes long (or short) and will cover a cornucopia of topics from media to sport!

Amy will discuss ideas around digital video game design and its relationship to sports coaching and teaching. 

She will pose questions such as “how can coaches design training practices that look and feel like a video game experience, without players physically using video games?”

Jon will look at the rise of mobile communication and its importance in everyday life. One feature of digital media is convergence: the process by which media and telecommunications increasingly come together; and different types of media become available on multiple platforms.

Jon will explore some of the social and cultural consequences of the rise of mobile media – and some ways in which our consumption of media is changing as a result.

“Finding your genius”

Learning at university is difficult. There is so much information to process that it can become overwhelming, leaving students to feel like they are not good enough and can’t do it.

Phil believes there is a genius in each of us, which we can only discover once we’ve found our passion and our own way of learning. Phil will provide a philosophical approach to life and principles to follow which have helped him find his style of learning, hoping to inspire everyone to find their genius within.

Merlin will review the difference the giants of digital marketing (Google and their subsidiary YouTube, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and their subsidiary Instagram, Microsoft and their subsidiaries such as Skype and LinkedIn) have made to our lives, and how they have changed what is taught in business and marketing.

Genetics is currently the most rapidly evolving aspect of science. Yiannis will explain how genetics has infiltrated all aspects of medicine and nutrition, and will also talk about the applied aspect of genetics since it is strongly related with employability.

Michael will discuss the first steps to explore the meaning of understanding in sports coaching and physical education. He will consider conceptual underpinnings and practical application of coaching for understanding.

Stewart will discuss the relationship between populism, politics and social grievance in the French Revolution. Stewart will explore the ways in which politics became ‘popular’ during this period in ways that are reminiscent of populist political rhetoric today.

Anna Lise will share insights on the importance of resilience, both personally and professionally, as we embrace the challenges of everyday life. Her talk is called “Bouncing back in style!”

Jonathon will be sharing the secret of teaching Creative Writing to undergraduate students in his talk “Suburban kitchens and credible dragons.”

Kim will discuss the role of food in literature in her talk “A Taste of Literature.”

Philip’s talk is called “Oh what a wonderful world” or is it?

John will be discussing doping in sport, its challenges and opportunities.

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Monday 17th December 2018

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