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International Faith Formation Leadership Program: Leading the New Evangelisation

Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th July 2019

Inviting Catholic Educational Leaders from England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Location: St Mary's University, Twickenham

The Australian Catholic University and St Mary’s University, London jointly offer an International Faith Formation Leadership Program that equips participants in the mission of the Church, in July 2019.

The program offers a unit of study in the ACU Graduate Certificate Education: Leading the New Evangelisation (LNE), titled: Creating Centres of the New Evangelisation: Catholic Schools, Parishes and Church Ministries.

A joint certificate of Catholic Formation between ACU and St Mary’s University will be awarded at the end of the program. The program is designed to draw together an international learning community from Australia, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. An Australian cohort of educational leaders will be attending the program and completing further study in the LNE at the ACU Rome Campus.

The International Faith Formation Program is designed for Catholic school leaders and teachers, including religious education classroom teachers. It is also intended for Church leaders, youth ministers, family parish educators or others who work in Church organisations that work with Catholic schools.

This exciting new program comes at a time when we are focusing on Catholic formation as an important strategy across England and Wales. It is with enthusiasm that I encourage Catholic leaders in our schools to consider attending the International Faith Formation Leadership Program. The focus on formation for mission with exploration of contemporary student and staff models provides a wonderful opportunity to be equipped for mission and leadership in Catholic education. Paul Barber – Director, Catholic Education Service England & Wales
The Diocese of Westminster Education Service fully supports and recommends this well-timed and relevant Formation Programme designed by ACU and St Mary’s University. Catholic leaders will welcome the diversity and depth of what is being offered and hopefully it will allow discernment and rejuvenation of their role. We recommend you sign up for this wonderful opportunity as soon as possible and hope that it provides a wealth of inspiration that you can continue to draw upon after you have attended. JP Morrison – Director, Education Service Diocese of Westminster

The International Faith Formation Program is offered as:

  1. Professional Learning Program with a Certificate of Catholic Formation given at the end of the program (jointly badged by St Mary’s and ACU) for all students attending.
  2. Credit towards the St Mary’s Master of Catholic School leadership Program. The unit counts as 30 credit points in the 180 point Master’s degree and credit points for the PGCE students (Post Graduate Certificate in Education).
  3. Credit towards the postgraduate Catholic Certificate of Religious Studies (CCRS) (2 specialised modules).
  • Formation School with opportunities for Eucharist, Reconciliation and Worship.
  • A focus on formation of the head, the heart and the hand.
  • Experiences and contemporary lecturers
  • Porta Fidei retreat experience in evening sessions
  • Exploration of contemporary models of evangelisation in Schools and Church ministries including Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia
  • Practical application including school and evangelisation plans
  • An international faith learning community and opportunity for ongoing networks
  • Contemporary professional development with various pathways
  • Hosted by St Mary’s University, Twickenham and ACU, both leading providers of teacher formation and training in England and Australia.

Graduates of Creating Centres of the New Evangelisation: Catholic Schools, Parishes and Ecclesial Movements will be able to:

  1. Identify and examine the vision and challenges for the possibility of a Catholic School becoming a Centre of the New Evangelisation.
  2. Investigate and critically analyse contemporary examples of programs operating as expressions of the New Evangelisation in Catholic schools.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in leading and critically evaluating student and staff formation and ministry experiences within Catholic schools including leading youth ministry in Parishes and Movements.
  4. Apply specialised knowledge in evangelisation models to planning and leading schools plans and Church based youth ministry plans.
  5. Investigate and critically analyse evangelisation pathways between school and Church, focused on drawing staff and students into greater participation in the life and mission of the Catholic Church.


  • 11.30am Thursday 11th July 2019 - 9pm Saturday 13th July 


  • Live in: £260 includes en-suite accommodation and all meals including breakfast Sunday morning.
  • Live out: £125 (meals provided each day except breakfast)


Dr John Lydon (St Mary’s)
07736 621367

International enquiries

Mr Peter Woods (ACU La Salle Academy)

Registration enquiries

Dr Caroline Healy
020 8240 4000 (1060)
07754 526116

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Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th July 2019

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