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Faculty of Sport, Health and Applied Science Research Week

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Faculty of Sport, Health and Applied Science Research Week

Tuesday 07 July 2020 - Thursday 09 July 2020
Online via Zoom

Session one: Welcome

Tuesday 7th July: 10.30am-12pm

  • Opening and introduction:
    Dr Jamie North and Anthony McClaran, Vice Chancellor
  • Opening Guest Speaker (Professor Keith Davids):
    Reflections on a research career: Opportunities and challenges

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Session two: Pain; Nutrition & Genetics; Space Travel!

Tuesday 7th July: 2-3.30pm

  • Luke Hughes:
    The effect of blood flow restriction exercise on exercise-induced hypoalgesia and endogenous opioid and endocannabinoid mechanism of pain modulation
  • Britta Sorensen:
    Female ultra-endurance athletes: An exploration of their pain experiences
  • Leta Pilic:
    Bitter taste sensitivity is determined by TAS2R38 haplotype, associated with saturated fat intake and is lower in overweight and obese compared to normal weight UK adults
  • Yiannis Mavrommatis:
    Multidisciplinary research from the Research and Genetics Team
  • Phil Price:
    Preparation for a parabolic flight campaign to test the feasibility of using a novel supine jump sled as an exercise countermeasure in microgravity

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Session three: Movement, Diet, and Health

Wednesday 8th July: 10-11.30am

  • Ryan Mahaffey:
    A study of age-related changes in 3D foot segmental motion during gait in children
  • Megan LeWarne:
    Development of a best-evidence foot and lower limb intervention programme designed to improve musculoskeletal health in obese children
  • Eirini Kelaiditi:
    Malnutrition, frailty and quality of life in older adults - a cross cultural study
  • Ammi King:
    A longitudinal study to determine the effect of gene-based personalised diet and physical activity advice on adiposity indices in University students
  • Anne Majumdar:
    Self-care practices of chronic disease patients attending integrative care

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Session four: Perception, Cognition, and Behaviour

Wednesday 8th July: 2-3.30pm

  • Lakshmipriya Maheswaran:
    Opposites attract: Sex of avatar modulates efficiency of perspective taking
  • Alex Atack and Jamie North:
    Addressing the soft feet analogy: an examination of landing kinetics between Parkour and rugby union academy athletes
  • Colm Murphy:
    The effect of stable and dynamic contextual priors on anticipation
  • Maeve Murray:
    Can Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) be successfully measured in older children?
  • Michael Hobson:
    University was like something that everybody else did" Exploring the transitions of students from multi-cultural urban areas to study Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at one University in the South of England

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Session five: What do players tell us is important about effective coaching in women's and girl's football?

Thursday 9th July: 9.30-10.30am

  • Abbe Brady
  • Nic Evans
  • Jess Boyd

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Session six: Mini-Orals

Thursday 9th July: 11-11.45am

  • Anth Lockey:
    The effects of acute static and dynamic stretching on spring-mass leg stiffness
  • Joe Shaw:
    Training Load in Professional Classical Ballet Dancers
  • Adam Mattiussi:
    Injury Surveillance of an elite professional ballet company over 4 years

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Session seven: Health; Recovery and Rehabilitation (Psychological and Physical)

Thursday 9th July: 2-3.30pm

  • Kyriaki Myrissa:
    Dietary and lifestyle patterns in UK postpartum women
  • Fiona Leggat:
    Sharing stories of lower limb amputation
  • Stephen Patterson:
    Blood flow restriction training: Implications for rehab and recovery
  • Ross Wadey: 
    Growth Following Adversity in Sport
  • Closing and student prize giving

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Tuesday 07 July 2020 - Thursday 09 July 2020
Online via Zoom

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For more information about this event please contact Dr Jamie North (Associate Dean - Research and Enterprise):
Tel: 020 8240 4182

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