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Faculty of Sport, Allied Health and Performance Science Festival of Research

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th May 2022

Academics from the Faculty of Sport, Allied Health and Performance Science discuss their latest research.

Sessions will be both in-person at St Mary’s University and online via Zoom. The password for all Zoom sessions is SAHPS2022.

Monday 23rd May

Talk 1: Nicola Brown

  • Talk title: Is the coronavirus the death of the bra?

Talk 2: Carla Meijen and Emily Martin

  • Talk title: 'Roll the dice and hope for the best': An exploration of psychological strategies used at different phases of the menstrual cycle

Talk 3: Britta Maria Sorensen

  • Talk title: A critical reflection of using the Think Aloud protocol with four female ultra-endurance athletes during their events

Talk 4: Katrine Okholm Kryger

  • Talk title: Elite female football players’ perception of the impact and barriers of their menstrual cycle stages on their football performance. A semi-structured interview-based study

Talk 1: Antony Laban-Sharman

  • Talk title: Psychotherapeutic approaches to mental health in BAME populations: A Systematic Review

Talk 2: Nayib Jean Baptiste

  • Talk title: Black Contemporary Theatre: A Study in Diversity in the US, UK Theatre

Talk 3: Avril Cassell and Anne Majumdar

  • Talk title: Exploring the experiences of UK based Caribbean populations’ experiences of healthcare

Tuesday 24th May

Talk 1: Claire Mulvenna, Tom Hounsell, Patrick Oxenham, Tom Howard, Mike Gilham

  • Talk title: Pride and prejudice in applied coach behaviour – Developing a tool for use in soccer clubs

Talk 2: Mike Gilham

  • Talk title: Examining the experience of undergraduate University students undertaking the pilot Football Association Introduction to Coaching Football online

Talk 3: George Littlemore

  • Talk title: How do coaches manipulate their sessions to create differing levels of maximal velocity kicking releases? A study of pre-season in an elite football performance environment

Talk 4: Andre Roca

  • Talk title: Decision-making practice during coaching sessions in grassroots youth soccer: A mixed-methods investigation

Talk 5: Will Follis

  • Talk title: Investigating perceptual-cognitive skill in youth football: Implications for talent development and perceptual-cognitive training methods

Talk 6: Stuart Carrington

  • Talk title: Development and validation of the Irrational Performance Beliefs Inventory for Sports Officials (IPBISO)

Wednesday 25th May

Talk 1: Yiannis Mavrommatis

  • Talk title: Collaborative research between St Mary’s University and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences: two large-scale studies in nutrition and cardiovascular disease

Talk 2: Megan Le Warne

  • Talk title: Coproduction of a school-based intervention to improve physical function and musculoskeletal health in children with overweight and obesity

Talk 3: Leta Pilic

  • Talk title: Genetics, taste and diet – update on research in Zambia and the UK

Talk 4: Ammi King

  • Talk title: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the efficacy of genotype-based dietary or physical activity advice on behaviour change to prevent cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes or obesity 

Talk 5: Anne Majumdar

  • Talk title: Service Evaluation of an NHS long-COVID Rehabilitation service

Talk 1: Natasha Biscoe, Holly Chinnery and Silvia Riva

  • Talk title: Qualitative study comparing pandemic experiences of autistic and non-autistic adults with anxiety

Talk 2: Holly Chinnery

  • Talk title: Research programme of work exploring Shared Parental Leave in the  UK

Talk 3: Silvia Riva and Natasha Biscoe

  • Talk title: Associations between mental health disorders and autism on Covid-19 severity and subjective experience of being ill

Talk 4: Shahbaz Hasan

  • Talk title: The acquisition of contextual information in elite sport performers

Thursday 26th May

Talk 1: Ryan Mahaffey, Silvia Riva, Jesse Gilham, Natasha Biscoe

  • Talk title: Virtual Evaluations of joint health using wearable sensors in persons with haemophilia (VESPA): Research proposal on the feasibility of using wearable sensors

Talk 2: Alex Woodhead

  • Talk title: Determining the corticospinal and spinal response following a single session of motor skill and resistance training

Talk 3: Dan Cleather, Phil Price, John Kennett

  • Talk title: Repeated horizontal jumping is a feasible exercise countermeasure for microgravity

Talk 4: Stephen Patterson

  • Talk title: Blood flow restriction training: current state of play

Talk 1: Jesse Gilham

  • Talk title: Kicking performance tests and how these characteristics change as a function of physical characteristics, chronological age and maturity in football code kicking

Talk 2: Angie Kapellou, Leta Pilic, and Yiannis Mavrommatis

  • Talk title: A Systematic Review on the Genetics of Caffeine and Brain-related Effects

Talk 3: Jourdain Benstead-Banthorpe, Stephen Patterson, Dan Cleather, Luke Hughes and Phil Price

  • Talk title: Investigating the differences in muscle and joint contact forces in different functional tasks in those with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome

Talk 4: Charlotte Foster Brown and Anne Majumdar

  • Talk title: Assessing the experiences of individuals with Type II diabetes through and following a novel intervention

Friday 27th May

Talk 1: Ciara Everard

  • Talk title: Examining the utility of video narratives as a knowledge translation tool within sport injury psychology

Talk 2: Jessica Hill, Charlie Pedlar, John Pattison, Sarah Coakley, Rishi Patel, Stephen Patterson

  • Talk title: Recovery strategies 

Talk 3: Filippo Picinini

  • Talk title: Matthew Buckthorpe, Jamie Tallent, Stephen Patterson: Workload quantification during the on-field rehabilitation in football players after ACLR

Talk 4: Nasir Uddin, Mark Waldron, Stephen Patterson, Stacy Winter, Jamie Tallent

  • Talk title: The relationship between concussion symptom recall and rapid weight loss practices in combat athletes

Talk 5: Katrine Okholm Kryger

  • Talk title: Can we evidence-base injury prevention and management in women’s football? A scoping review

Includes student prizes and celebration drink reception.

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Monday 23rd - Friday 27th May 2022

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