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The application process involves meeting with the Academy Director, a small amount of paperwork and submitting an adult recommendation.  This can be from any adult who knows you and thinks the academy would be beneficial for you, for example a foster carer, teacher, social worker, sports coach, youth worker or someone from the Virtual School.

Am I eligible? 

In order to apply for a place on the academy you need to be 

  • Currently in year 10
  • Have or have previously had Child Looked After status, or an edge of care arrangement
  • Live in or be looked after by a local authority in our catchment area.

What about costs? Don't worry, the academy is free!

The costs of the First Star Academy at St Mary’s have been covered for the full four years of the programme by St Mary’s University and three  other funders: The Peter Cundill Foundation, The Sir John Cass Foundation and MariaMarina Foundation.  We are therefore not asking for a financial contribution to be able to participate in the academy.