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Fixed Term Hourly Paid Academic Contracts

The following pages have been created to provide clarity on the use of hourly paid fixed-term academic contracts, define the roles that fixed-term hourly-paid academic staff will fulfil, and provide procedural guidance to Faculties and Institutes on the employment of hourly paid staff.


From 1st September 2016 St Mary's moved to a Role Definition Model (RDM) for Hourly Paid Academics (HPA), that ensures hourly paid roles are fully defined, evaluated and aligned to the University's grading structure and pay scale, in line with the University's commitment to principles of equality across staff groups.

What this means for you

Hourly paid academics offered a contract of employment from 1st September 2016 onwards:

  • Your appointment will be to one of the four roles – Module Convener, Associate lecturer, Facilitator or Link Tutor.
  • Your pay will be aligned to the University's pay structure.
  • You will receive paid annual leave, public holidays and University closure days pro-rata to a full-time permanent member of academic staff.
  • You will receive a contract of employment for specified hours and there is a new timesheet for completing electronically.
  •  You will be paid on claim, following the submission of a timesheet to the faculty on the 25th of the month.
  • You should familiarise yourself with the HPA Induction Handbook.

Academic managers:

  • You will need to familiarise yourself with the guidance on the use of HPAs.
  • Consider programme/course requirements for hourly paid resources with your Head of Department.
  • Make any requests to appoint via the Request to Appoint forms, which include an in-built calculator for annual leave.
  • Seek approval from your Head of Department and Dean of Faculty/Director of Institute before seeking to engage an HPA .
  • If you need to increase the hours of an hourly paid member of staff, you will need to request a variation of contract approved by your Head of Department and Dean of Faculty/Director of Institute.
  • Seek advice on the Faculty/Institute process from your Department Administrator, or for HR advice contact your HR Partner.

Further information

Please use the links on the right-hand menu to navigate to detailed information on fixed-term hourly-paid academic contracts.

These pages will be kept under review and may be revised from time to time to ensure they continue to be legally compliant and reflect good practice.