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Pay and Annual Leave


The hourly rate of pay is calculated by reference to the relevant band and point on the University's pay scale to which the role has been assimilated. For those undertaking Module Convenor, Facilitator or Tutor roles, assimilation is to the top of the pay band. Associate Lecturer roles are initially aligned to the bottom of the pay band, and therefore those who accrue continuous service will subsequently benefit from incremental progression within the band. The University's Guidance notes on Pay Awards and Incremental Progression ("the Guidance Notes") are applicable. 

Subject to the Guidance Notes, annual increments for Associate Lecturers will be applied on 1st August each year until the top of the band is reached. HR will inform both the individual member of staff and the Head of School of the applied increase.

After the contract has been issued the member of staff will claim payment for the actual hours worked each month via a timesheet; the timesheet will be authorised by the Dean of Faculty (or delegate) before it is submitted for payment.

Note that hourly-paid academic staff may only claim payment in respect of hours for which they have been contracted. Where additional hours are subsequently required, a request to vary the contract shall be made by the Dean of Faculty allowing reasonable time for the request to be processed and the contract issued to the member of staff before the additional work is undertaken. 

Calculating pay

An example of how your monthly pay would be calculated is as follows:    

  • Monthly pay = FTE annual salary ÷ 52 weeks per year ÷ 36 hours per week = hourly rate of pay x (number of hours worked per month + annual leave entitlement)

For example for a fixed term hourly paid Associate Lecturer working 60 hours across the academic year, monthly pay is calculated as follows:

  • £35,609 (Band I, Spine point 34) ÷ 52 ÷ 36 = £19.02 x (60 + 14) = £1,407.48

Annual Leave

In line with full time academic colleagues, hourly paid staff are entitled to annual leave pro-rata based on the full time entitlement of 35 days per annum, plus pro-rata bank holidays and University closure days.

Staff will be assumed to take their annual leave entitlement outside their contracted working hours and before contract end dates have expired.

Annual leave accrues at a rate equivalent to 22.64% of hours worked per annum.

Calculating annual leave

Pro-rata annual leave is calculated as follows:

  • 22.64% ÷ 100 x hours worked = annual leave entitlement in hours (rounded up or down to nearest hour)

For example if a Fixed Term Hourly Paid Academic worked 60 hours in an academic year, their annual leave entitlement would be calculated as follows:

  • 22.64% ÷ 100 x 60 = 14 hours annual leave (rounded up from 13.58)

The forms by which Faculties request contracts (Model Forms) incorporate a formula to automatically calculate annual leave. See the procedure for recruitment and appointment of fixed-term hourly paid academic staff page for further information.