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Annual Review of Fixed-Term Hourly-Paid Contracts

In line with the University's policy on the use of fixed-term contracts, part-time hourly paid academic staff will have their employment positions reviewed with a view to moving to open ended contracts those with 4 or more years' continuous service, where appropriate. 

In future, in order to maintain the integrity of the principles of engagement for hourly paid academic staff regular review of all hourly paid contracts will be undertaken, in order to:

  • Review the total number of hours worked by individual hourly paid academic staff
  • Identify individuals who have been engaged on an hourly paid basis for three or more semesters.

Consideration will be given as to the future contractual status of staff in these categories. HR colleagues will work in conjunction with the Dean of Faculty/Director of Institute to determine the ongoing resource need and appropriate contract type. Where a permanent role is determined to be appropriate in the future, action will be taken consistent with HR recruitment policies and the University's budget planning process.