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Your wellbeing

This page contains suggestions and resources for managing your wellbeing in lockdown. If you can't find what you're looking for here, try checking out our Wellbeing Resources page, all of which are available to access remotely. Topics on that page include:

  • check-in tools and wellbeing assessments
  • meditation and general wellbeing
  • mental health
  • fitness and nutrition

Action for Happiness is one of our favourite wellbeing resources and they've been creating lots of free targeted resources for wellbeing in challenging times. This includes:

A collection of short videos, less than five minutes each, with tips and advice on managing email, meetings, and workload to avoid overwhelm.

  • Take Control of Email: A collection of short videos offering tips and advice on taking control of your email inbox!
  • Take Control of Meetings: Meetings taking over your calendar? Check out these short videos on reducing unnecessary meetings and protecting your time... or make sure your meetings aren't the culprit!
  • How to say 'No' to colleagues: Saying 'no' isn't easy. These videos focus on setting boundaries with colleagues and saying no respectfully.