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Casual Staff Recruitment

If you have a requirement to hire a Casual member of staff or student, the process is as follows:

1) To start the hiring a casual, you should have an approved Headcount Control case with a reference number. Information on how to submit a Headcount Control Business case can be found here.

2) If you have an individual you would like to hire in mind, you can proceed with the steps below. If you wish to advertise your role on the St Mary's Website to allow individuals to apply for your role, you will need to submit a requisition. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

3) Now that you would like to offer the role to an individual, you will need to send your new starter a registration email. This will instruct them on the application forms they need to complete, sharing their Right to Work documentation with you and the process to onboard into their new role. You can download the template for this email here.


4) Your new starter will submit their online registration form which HR will receive. If your new starter is returning as a previous staff member , they will need to complete the offline starter pack which can be downloaded here. 

5) Once the online registration form is submitted of the offline forms are complete, you will need to email this with the Right to Work evidence and Line Manager form to Guidance on obtaining Right to Work evidence can be found here. Photocopies need to be verified to confirm the photocopy is of true likeness to the individual you have seen in person.

6) HR will process the paper work and send your new starter their contract, PeopleNet log-in details. A seperate email will be sent to the manager to let them know the new starter is able to commence employment. 

7) You new team member is now ready to start working. Casual contracted staff members will need to submit their timesheets to be approved by their line manager. All timesheet submissions need to be approved/rejected by the 4th day of the month to receive payment on the 25th of the same month. Guidance on submitting a timesheet he ESS timesheet guide can be found here.