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Advertising Your Role

We want each job to be advertised as far and wide as possible to help diversify the talent pool, and to ensure the best possible person is appointed, whilst still ensuring cost effectiveness.

To help you with this, below is a list of locations where your job will be advertised and a list of websites which we have often used in the past. Of course, if there are any other locations, please do let us know so we can help you with this.

Always Advertised on (HR will pay for costs)

  • St Mary's External Website
  • (Academic roles only)
  • TimesHigherEducation
  • LinkedIn
  • St Mary's Twitter post

Commonly Advertised on (Departments may request; will come out of the department’s budget)

Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion Boards:

Other Boards:

St Mary's Social Media Profiles

Social Media is a perfect tool to use when advertising for roles, you can use this to distribute around your network, and when it’s done correctly it is much more effective than traditional advertising. So please give us a follow and you can start promoting your jobs.