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Recruitment and Attraction

In this section you will find visual guidance on submitting an online request to advertise a role  (iTrent Requisition) with example Job Descriptions to help you fill any vacancies you have. The Job Advert template has now moved online, you can add job advert text and Screening questions via the iTrent Recruitment Manager role.

In addition to standard recruitment you can also support people entering the workplace through initiatives such as offering work experience placements and internships. Guidance on offering these can be found below:

Job Description Templates

Aca​demic Roles   

Professional Services Roles

  Appointment Sheet

 Recruitment Visual Guidance

  • Recruitment Manager - How to submit a request to advertise a role (Requisition) on iTrent
  • Panel Member - Shortlisting
  • Recruitment Manager - Shortlisting
  • Recruitment Manager - How to schedule applicants to interview stage on iTrent
  • Recruitment Manager - How to make on offer on iTrent