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Sport St Mary's add-on packages for Study Abroad

St Mary’s offer  sport for students at all levels, from social sport through to elite athlete support.

We are one of London’s top-performing sports institutions and provides resources for a variety of interests and skill levels, from gym membership, personal training, and fitness classes to sports clubs, specialist services and rehabilitation. 

Sport St Mary's coordinates an extensive range of facilities and programmes at one of the UK's premier sports institutions. 

The world-class facilities on the main campus and at Teddington Lock (one mile away) have functioned as  Olympic pre-Games training camps; athletes from 14 countries for the World Athletics Championships 2017 trained at St Mary’s and we were a Team Base during the  Rugby World Cup 2015.  

Study Abroad students have a unique opportunity, to take be a part of one of the UK’s leading sports universities, and to use the extensive facilities and clinicians that work here. 

How to apply

When applying to study abroad at St Mary's simply select to add sports package one or two (outlined below) on your application form.

Sports package one:  £100 (add-on price)

This includes the Student Active Membership, and also Club membership, and some extras!  Which includes:

  • Membership of the Fitness/gym and Conditioning Suites
  • All fitness classes!
  • All SIMMSactive ‘turn up and play’ sessions and ‘book me’ sessions
  • SIMMSactive is our social sports programme that enables you to try out lots of new sports with a weekly timetable of activities and small sided leagues.
  • Two FREE deep tissue massages from our Sports Rehab students
  • Discount on boot camps, SIMMSactive leagues and ‘get into’ sessions
  • Club member – you can join any of the 30 sports clubs (elite or recreational)
  • Coached training sessions
  • Access to sports equipment
  • Competition transport and accommodation
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Playing kit 
Sports package two: £450 (add-on price)

Targeted at students studying Sports related subjects in; science, rehab, nutrition and students studying any subject but with a great interest in sport or sports health.. 

This package includes:

Everything included within 'sports package one'

Body Composition; Bod pod assessment

The Bod Pod is an air displacement plethysmograph, which uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass). The system is safe, non-invasive and has excellent test-to-test repeatability.


Body fat %, Lean mass %, estimated basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total daily energy expenditure.

Physiological assessment; Level 2 lactate profile 

The lactate profile is a sub-maximal step-test, which involves exercising for 3-4 minute stages at progressive speeds/power outputs. Heart rate, blood lactate and rating of perceived exertion (RPE), are measured at the end of each stage to create a physiological profile. From this test important metabolic ‘thresholds’ are identified. These are used to calculate heart rate and intensity training zones. The recommended training zones can then be used to guide training and monitor progress.

Resting Metabolic rate testing

Metabolic testing provides an objective means to accurately establish:

  • How many calories you burn during the day
  • How many calories you burn during exercise at different intensities
  • How your body uses carbohydrates and fats
One of the following options:
  1. Strength and conditioning consultation and tailored performance analysis
    Strength testing using basic testing tools such as the jump mat, GymAware, 1RM testing, etc
    Basic report showing results Vs normative data.
    Strength testing using state-of-the art equipment such as force plates, isokinetic dynamometer, encoders, speed cells, etc.
    Detailed report showing strengths/weaknesses/improvement strategy advice. 
  2. Nutrition consultation
    Overview of dietary intake and goals
    Advice tailored to your specific needs
    Practical, easy to implement recommendations  
  3. Psychology consultation
    One hour 1:1 session where psychological strengths and weaknesses can be explored
    Session Report with suggestions of future work and interventions