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Printing / Scanning

Printing, photocopying and scanning is available throughout the St Mary's library using our Multi Function Devices. There are also devices located in each faculty building for staff use. The machines can print documents from any PC on the university network, and can also print via email attachment using Mobile Print.

  • To connect your computer to the PicardPrint service, open the Start menu and type
    • \\picardprint1
  • From the list of options that appears, right click FollowMePrint and select Connect...
  • Once it has completed connecting you can close the window

There are two printing servers available, \\picardprint1 and \\picardprint2. To connect to \\picardprint2, please follow the above instructions and substitute \\picardprint2 for \\picardprint1.

All staff automatically have the printing service set up as part of your IT account. 

Before using the printers for the first time you will need to register your ID card on the printing system. To do this:

  • Touch your ID card on the card reader on any printer (this is the pad with the green blinking light to the left of the printer screen).
  • Follow the instructions on the printer screen, entering your username and password when prompted.
  • Once the card is successfully registered you should see the home screen with icons for CopyScan & Send and Secure Print.

To send a file to print from a desktop computer:

  • Select the Print option on the computer
  • Ensure the printer FollowMePrint on picardprint1 is selected
  • Check the printer properties/settings and change these if necessary (e.g. if you want to print in colour or on A3 paper)
  • Select the number of copies you require and click Print again

To send a file to print from a laptop or mobile device:

  • Attach the file you wish to print to a new email message
  • Send the email to
  • Be aware that the printing system will automatically select the page size and colour/black & while setting based on the contents of the document. If you wish to control these manually please use a library computer to print the file.

To collect your printing from a printer:

  • Go to any of the printers in the library buildings (pictured above)
  • Touch your ID card on the pad to log in
  • Select Secure Print on the printer screen
  • The printer will display a list of the items you have sent to print recently
  • Select the item(s) you wish to print from the list and select Print + Delete or Print + Keep
  • The documents will now print

When printing has finished remember to select Log Out on the bottom right hand side of the screen

  • Touch your card on the pad to log in to the printer-copier  
  • If you wish to scan a single page, open the scanner lid and place the item you wish to copy on the glass in the marked position. If you wish to scan multiple sheets of paper, place these face-up in the sheet feeder on top of the scanner
  • Select Scan and Send on the screen
  • Select Send to My Email or Send to Myself if you wish to send the file to your St Mary's email address
  • Alternatively, if you wish to send the file to another email address:
    • Press Cancel
    • Select New Destination (green paper aeroplane symbol) 
    • Select Email
    • Enter the email address you wish the scanned file to be sent to
    • Select OK
  • Press the large green button on the machine to scan the item  
  • The item will be scanned and you will see a message saying Sending to <email address> at the bottom of the screen 
  • Check your email account – the file will arrive as a PDF attachment to an email

Please ask at the helpdesk in the main library or Naylor library if you need assistance with using advanced scanning features (e.g. splitting multiple page documents into more than one email attachment; making scans with Optical Character Recognition; scanning to Word documents)

Staff members do not need to manually top up their printing balance. If you are unable to print, please contact the IT Helpdesk who can check your balance for you.