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UK Human Rights Act Event

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Tuesday 10th December 2013 marks Human Rights Day and St Mary’s University College, Twickenham is involved in a collaborative event, which celebrates the UK Human Rights Act as a piece of remarkable legislation. The evening has been organised in conjunction with University of RoehamptonBringing Rights to Life (BHR), the Human  Rights Consortium, School of Advanced Study, University of London, Leeds Metropolitan University and Crucible Centre for Human Rights Research. It will bring together human rights research centres, academic departments and civil society organisations, on the need to protect the Human Rights Act in face of the current criticism and unprecedented attacks. The evening event will provide an academic voice to the British Institute of Human Rights current #Act campaign, by highlighting the importance of the Human Rights Act for citizens in the UK, presenting on the practical benefits of the Act and on the potential consequences of repeal of the Act, and withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights. It will also present on the importance of the Act in ensuring the UK has a legitimate and authoritative voice on international human rights issues and advocating for universal human rights. A selection of leading academics are scheduled to speak during the evening, including Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Stephen Bowen (Director of British Institute of Human Rights), Prof Conor Gearty (Department of Law, London School of Economics) and Imran Khan (Solicitor). They will explore a range of different issues from the role of the Act in the UK’s constitutional system, to the value of the Act for local communities. St Mary’s involvement and sponsorship of the event has been led by Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Media Arts Dr David Evans, and is a result of the successful partnership in conferences previously organised in conjunction with Roehampton University about social justice issues. The event is taking place at Aldersgate Room, Methodist Central Hall in Westminster and is free and open to the public. For more information, including registration details, visit the website or download the pdf Human Rights Act.
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