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St Mary’s Alumna Uses SHOCC Funding To Raise Charity Awareness

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A former student at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham has used a £2,000 donation from the University College’s charity Strawberry Hill Overseas and Community Concern (SHOCC) to help fund her own charity. Roseline Ndoro completed an MA Charity Management course at St Mary’s in 2012 and applied for the SHOCC Funding scheme, which is designed to help former staff, students and others affiliated with St Mary’s with community projects. With the funding, and the skills she acquired from her MA, Roseline’s aim was to boost the awareness of Ndoro Children’s Charities (NdoroCC), the foundation she founded in 2009 to help children in Zimbabwe. The money has helped renovate a school that her father originally built in 1958 and the current building of an orphanage on a piece of land left by her father nearby. roseline-ndoro Roseline decided to set up her own charity after visiting her home country after a 15 year absence. While in Zimbabwe she met an elderly woman who could not care for her dying daughter, or her two grandchildren, as she was too old to cope. Roseline said, “My brother took me around the villages where my parents come from and I just saw grave upon grave, people who had just died from HIV or Aids. When I used to see it on television I used to think it’s not truly that bad but when I went back and I saw what I saw, I thought ‘How can I walk away?’.” “Those memories have stayed with me, so when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I said ‘God, you cannot take me now, I know my purpose now. My purpose is to help those kids. I cannot turn my back on those kids’.” Ndoro Children’s Charities specialises in helping every child fulfil their potential, especially those orphaned from parents with HIV/Aids, through education for sustainable development (ESD), good health and stability. Roseline says it is imperative to implement long term infrastructures and strategies so that the children are given the skills and tools to encourage them to provide their own resources. Roseline had initially considered a post graduate teaching course at St Mary’s, but once she received the prospectus and saw the MA Charity Management programme on the first page she knew that was her calling. She said, “The course has benefitted me because I understand what is involved in working with charities. I wanted to know where money goes, why the problems in Africa and other third world countries don’t go away. When I talk people listen to me as they can see I have the knowledge and if I had not done the course I don’t think I’d be able to do this job. At St Mary’s you meet people from all walks of life, your life is enriched. The diversity is just great; I’ve made so many friends.” She adds that the course is for “people who are humanitarians, who want to help, who want to make a difference in this world.” NdoroCC is funded by donations and is holding a Christmas event on 19th December with MP and Business Secretary Vince Cable, who is one of the charity’s patrons. As well as selling African artefacts with SHOCC, NdoroCC has also fundraised by selling food with St Mary’s Student Union. Roseline says “We’re spreading our wings from St Mary’s to Zimbabwe and hopefully other parts of the world if we make more money.” For more information about the charity visit the website or contact
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