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St Mary’s InSpiRe Research Centre to Host Guest Lecture

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On Wednesday 18th June, a lecturer from Charles University, Prague is to deliver a seminar at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Prof Ivana Noble will be presenting her ideas in a lecture entitled The Tension Between The Eschatological and the Utopic Understandings of Tradition in Theologies of the Twentieth Century: Tillich, Florovsky, Congar. The study explores how three major theologians - Paul Tillich, George Florovsky and Yves Congar - from respectively Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic backgrounds speak about tradition not only as historical but also as eschatological reality. Dr Ivana said, “Plurality in tradition cannot be replaced by synthesis without losing communication within that plurality, which is a gift of the Holy Spirit. “Furthermore, while tradition without the Holy Spirit is dead, the Spirit cannot be reduced to tradition. The Spirit's work is both inside and outside of tradition, both revealing and concealing its source. “It is sufficient, I believe, in a dialogue, to allow one position to shed light on the other; the light in which we too participate, as Tillich would say; the light of the Holy Spirit, as Congar would add. Through the findings of those who have gone before us, and despite the objectification of these findings, we can, in this light, discern eschatological signs that constitute our understanding of that which is of ultimate significance and that which is not, of that which is and is not absolute. “Furthermore, the "way forward to the roots," which Florovsky defended, will teach us that in order to be able to walk in this way, we must burn with the same fire as those who witnessed it for us.” The free lecture is open to the public and will take place in the Waldegrave Drawing Room at 6pm followed by a drinks reception jointly hosted by St Mary’s and Heythrop College, University of London.
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