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St Mary's Philosophy Academic Speaks at AI Panel Event

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Programme Director for Philosophy at St Mary’s University, Twickenham Dr Yasemin J Erden spoke at a recent panel event on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The event, which was co-hosted by SwiftKey and Index Ventures and held at Second Home in London, saw a panel of experts from academics, the private sector and the literary world explore the role and future of AI in the world. Panellists considered the future of AI research and whether it should be open source by default, safety and ethical concerns about self-aware AI, the sociological impact of AI integration and the role of the Philosophy of AI in education. Dr Erden said of the event that, “it was a really interesting and important debate about contemporary work in the field, and one that can take us beyond the rhetoric of AI as lifted directly from science fiction.” To hear a podcast from the discussion please click here.  
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