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Chinese University Delegation Visits St Mary's

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A high level delegation organised by the Chinese National Academy of Education Administration (NAEA) visited St Mary’s University, Twickenham on Friday 6th November 2015. The NAEA is the Ministry of Education training institution for vice presidents, presidents and chairman of China’s universities. The delegation included 20 vice-presidents and presidents from universities in South West China and is headed up by officials from the Ministry of Education and NAEA. St Mary’s was the final stop for the delegation since beginning their visit. The delegation visited the UK to gain knowledge on all aspects of University management with a special focus on University links with local business and government. During the visit Lord True CBE Leader of Richmond Borough Council addressed the delegation while Rt Hon Ruth Kelly, Pro Vice Chancellor at St Mary’s spoke about the University plan to develop links with community, industry and local government. The delegation is part of a wider programme which sent a further two delegations to other countries with the same brief. When they return to China they spend a week sharing their findings to inform education strategy. Vice-Chancellor at St Mary’s Francis Campbell said, “This visit is an important first step in building St Mary’s brand and establishing long-term partnerships with key institutions and high level organisations in China.”
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