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St Mary's Academics Present at International Teaching Conference


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Four Academics from St Mary’s University, Twickenham presented their latest research at the sixth International Teaching Games for Understanding Conference (TGFU). Physical and Sport Education (PSE) Lecturers Amy Price and Liam McCarthy presented their research as part of a symposium on Developing a Conceptual Framework for to Underpin the Practical Art of Making Games Accessible to Players. Amy Price presented her research on the development of a Conceptual Framework for Understanding Digital Video Game Design and Its Relationship to Teaching Games for Understanding whilst Liam McCarthy presented his research on understanding handball. In another symposium entitled Translating TGfU Theory Into Practice: How Can We Support Teachers’ and Coaches’ Learning When Implementing TGfU?, PSE Programme Director Michael Ayres presented his research undertaken with a Level 5 PSE student, Tom Howard, entitled Utilizing Real-Time GPS (Adidas MiCoach System V2.0) to Enhance Soccer Coaches’ Ability to Reflect in Action When Engaging in a GCA and also the research some of the PSE team engaged with entitled Using a Heutagogical Approach to Develop anUndergraduate GCA Module: Developing GCA V2. The final symposium was delivered by Sports Coaching Science Lecturer Sam Page and Michael Ayres in collaboration with Leinster Rugby Club. The symposium entitled An 18-Month Case Study of a Game-Centered Approach Coach Education and Development Program Within a Professional Rugby Club allowed the team to share their journey on an international stage through providing coach education and development to a world class sporting organisation, Leinster Rugby Club. It was one of the only symposia where coaches and academics shared the stage to present their findings. Michael Ayres, who is also the UK’s representative for the TGfU International Advisory Board said, “The significant presence of St Mary's at such a conference is testament to the innovative and forward thinking research currently being undertaken in the fields of physical education and sports coaching across both schools. “One of the main messages from the conference was the need for academia and professional sports organisations to work closer together, ensuring that the current research is translated into practical application that coaches and teachers can develop their ability to coach through games. These opportunities could not happen if it was not from the support from both Heads of School Maureen Glackin and Prof John Brewer, and the respective research committees in funding such an opportunity.” All abstracts from the conference were published in an online supplement of the Research Quarterly in Exercise and Sport.    

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