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St Mary’s Announces the end of Unconditional Offers

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St Mary’s University in Twickenham has decided not to make any unconditional offers to prospective students for the 2018/19 recruitment cycle following a review of the available data.

The decision follows a thorough review of the conversion rate evidence put forward to the St Mary’s University Senior Management Team for 2017/18. 

The conversion rate evidence proved that there was little or no difference to that of non-unconditional offer holders. Further evidence showed that rather than enhancing the St Mary's mean entry tariff that the unconditional offers results could be detrimental to it.

John Brewer, Pro Vice-Chancellor for St Mary’s University said “We believe that we’ve made the right decision to withdraw unconditional offers. We are determined to maintain standards of entry to St Mary’s and by listening to the views of schools, teachers, our own staff and students we believe that with the evidence that has been available to us that we’ve made the right decision.

“It was clear to us that a number of students who enrolled with us after an unconditional offer was made didn’t meet the grades they expected and this didn’t merit the investment we made into that particular part of our recruitment programme.

“St Mary’s University is enjoying a number of excellent results from independently recognised national University surveys and last month the Sunday Times reported that we had risen to 77th in the rankings. The 2018 National Student Survey released earlier this year showed that St Mary’s was rated as the number one University in London for ‘student satisfaction’ so while we are focussed on enhancing those results still further we believe we are making the right decision regarding unconditional offers and that we have a strong platform from which to do so.      

“We’re currently looking at other options relating to offers structure and once this review has been completed the recommendations will be absorbed into our recruitment strategy going forward a part of our on-going review.”

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