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St Mary’s Academic Publishes New Book on Psychology of Endurance Sport

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Senior Lecturer in Applied Sport Psychology at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, Dr Carla Meijen has published a new book on psychology in endurance sport.

The book entitled Endurance Performance in Sport: Psychological theory and interventions, was edited by Carla and provides readers with a background to the main theoretical models and covers practical strategies to use in endurance performance.

Endurance athletes from all levels can relate to the psychological aspects of endurance activities, whether these are thoughts around the urge to stop or slow down, concerns about pacing, managing pain and discomfort, motivation, or the emotional rollercoaster that endurance events can present.

Bringing together experts in the field from around the world, Carla’s book is the first text to provide a detailed overview of the psychology of endurance performance which balances a research and an applied focus, looking at both main theoretical models as well as how interventions can support an athlete’s efficacy and well-being.

The authors look at regulatory processes around pain, decision-making, self-belief, emotions, and meta-cognition, before examining a range of cognitive strategies, including the use of imagery, goals, self-talk, and mindfulness techniques. With a final section of the book outlining issues related to mental health that are relevant to endurance performance, the book shows that the future of research and application of psychological theory in endurance performance in sport is bright and thriving.

Speaking of the book, Dr Meijen said, “Bringing together international experts, readers get to learn more about how psychological factors feature in endurance performance, and how psychological techniques can be used in a practical way. I like how the book focuses on combining theory and practice, and there should be something of interest for coaches, athletes, practitioners, and researchers alike!”

The book will be launched at an event on St Mary’s campus on 26th June. The event will feature a panel discussion, where attendees can hear from an expert panel who will explain the psychological impact on endurance performance, as well as providing suggestions for psychological strategies to help deal with the psychological demands of endurance performance.

The event is suitable for endurance athletes (all levels, beginner and experienced), coaches, students, sport psychologists, and researchers, and is free to attend, find out more and book your place here.

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