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Can Your Perfect Night in Predict the Right Degree for you?

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St Mary’s University in Twickenham has launched its latest CourseFeed app inspired by Netflix to help students find the right degree for them.

For students applying to university this academic year, the process can be challenging. With so much choice, and vast amounts of information on different degree programmes to process, many can feel overwhelmed.

The aim of CourseFeed Watch is to help students search degrees in a fun way, using their interests and passions to match them with academic programmes.

Inspired by streaming website Netflix, users are asked to select five films, TV shows or YouTubers to build their perfect night in. CourseFeed Watch then matches their selections to relevant degree programmes.

Build your perfect night in

CourseFeed Watch was developed following the success of CourseFeed Quiz, launched in 2018, which matched over 17000 users with their perfect degree. CourseFeed Quiz asked five pop culture questions, including their favourite books, public figure, or YouTuber, and matched them with relevant degrees.

A spokesperson for St Mary’s said, “As a university, we pride ourselves on the student experience guiding all we do and we know that finding the right degree for you can be a stressful process for prospective students. We developed CourseFeed Watch to build a course search that is relatable and easy to use, with a familiar interface that may even suggest the perfect subject for a student that had never considered it before.”

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