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St Mary’s Academic Publishes Philosophical Guide for Scientists

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Programme Director for the Masters in Strength and Conditioning Science (Distance Learning) at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, Dr Dan Cleather has published a new book about the philosophy of science.

The book, entitled Subvert! A Philosophical Guide for the 21st Century Scientist, explores the open science movement, and is particularly relevant in the contemporary context where post-truth politics is challenging public trust in scientists and private corporations restrict access to scientific research in order to protect their profit margins.

In Subvert!, Dan demonstrates the practical importance of philosophy for the modern scientist. Drawing on the ideas of a wide range of thinkers, from 19th century anarchists like Mikhail Bakunin and Petr Kropotkin, to philosophers of science like Karl Popper and Paul Feyerabend, the book is essential reading for all scientists.

Subvert is a book in two parts. The first half is an account of the injustices and inequities that are present in contemporary scientific society, whilst the second half is an analysis of the scientific method with a focus on revealing how much of today's custom and practice is based on ideology.

Speaking of the book Dan said, “Writing Subvert! was an immensely enjoyable task and I hope that it is able to open people’s eyes to some of the problems with modern science.”

Subvert! is available to buy now on Amazon, and has received a number of five-star reviews, with one reviewer noting, “This is a great book for those with an interest in science and research. Dan's writing approach is easy to understand and offers a fascinating insight to areas of science you didn't know you needed to know about. Fully recommend.”

Dan also recently appeared on the Ask me, I’m a Scientist! YouTube channel, discussing Does Academia need Anarchy?

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