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St Mary’s Applied Linguistics Alumnus Publishes New Book ‘Coronavirus and the Strange Death of Truth’

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MA Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching Alumnus Brian Bolger, who graduated from St Mary’s University, Twickenham in 2012, published a book in August: Coronavirus and the Strange Death of Truth.

This book explores the negative impact Globalisation has had on contemporary society made evident by the Coronavirus pandemic, while demonstrating the role technology and the media have played in hiding the truth.

Author Brian Bolger said, “The book was two years in the making and the Coronavirus pandemic highlighted the connections between globalisation and inequality and also the way technology and media/social media have ‘framed’ issues.

The book calls for a new approach which values a moral outlook within political elites, real democracy and openness within civil society. Only by truth, free speech and an open media can these existential threats be faced”.

The book was published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited and can be purchased online.

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