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St Mary’s Lecturer Publishes Biomechanics Book

Dr Dan Cleather's book cover
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Course Lead for MSc Strength and Conditioning (Distance Learning) at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, Dr Dan Cleather, has published a biomechanics book with a difference.

Force: The biomechanics of training is a reader-friendly guide to a subject which is often forbidding for coaches. The book explains why understanding force is a fundamental aspect of planning an effective training programme and debunks several myths that are prevalent in the strength and conditioning community.

This book is suitable for everyone regardless of prior biomechanical knowledge, and is essential reading for coaches and athletes.

Author Dan said, “This book represents the distillation of 12 year’s experience talking to students and coaches about biomechanics. I hope it will be helpful in improving training practice.”

The book can be purchased online on Amazon.

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