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St Mary’s Publishes Inaugural Ethnicity Pay Gap Report

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St Mary’s University, Twickenham has published is first Ethnicity Pay Gap Report to understand the pay inequalities between staff identifying as black, asian or minority ethnic and those identifying as white.

For the past four years, St Mary’s has completed a Gender Pay Gap report (GPG), which seeks to understand pay inequities by gender at the University. For the first time this year, the GPG will be a joint publication with the inclusion of the new Ethnicity Pay Gap Report. Earlier in 2021, St Mary’s committed to the Race Equality Charter (REC), committing to better understand and improve current barriers to the representation, progression, and success of minority ethnic staff.

As part of the University’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), embedded in its People Strategy, St Mary’s recognises the importance of understanding the systemic barriers to equality in the institution.

The University has a long tradition, in line with its mission and values, of widening access to education for all, while fostering respect and mutual tolerance in society as a whole. Consistent with this mission, St Mary’s believes that pay inequities resulting from an individual’s gender or ethnicity are a key social and moral challenge that we are committed to tackling.

To support these efforts and further progress our institution-wide commitment to EDI, the University has completed its first ever Ethnicity Pay Gap (EGP) report, which seeks to understand pay inequities by ethnicity. The full report can be read on the University website.

Speaking of the publication, St Mary’s Director of Human Resources Fiona Hnatow said, “As St Mary’s continues to progress on our equality, diversity, and inclusion ambitions, it is vital to deepen our understanding of systemic barriers including differences in pay. Our first ever Ethnicity Pay Gap analysis is supporting our work on the Race Equality Charter and signals that we have much to do in creating a truly equal workplace for our Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic colleagues.”

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