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St Mary’s to Run Pogo Riding Course with Pogo Pulse

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St Mary’s University, Twickenham is delighted to announce a new CPD course Developing Children’s Wellbeing through Pogo Riding as an Alternative Physical Activity in schools in partnership with Pogo Pulse.

Pogo riding is a physical activity that allows children (and adults) to develop resilience and self-awareness while also promoting positive mental health. It has an element of fun alongside moments of calm, exhilaration, and managed risk.

The course will explore how activities can positively impact children’s wellbeing through social interaction and managed challenge. The course is open to primary and secondary practitioners with an interest in new activities that connect physical movement and wellbeing.

The course will be held at St Mary’s on the 11th of October from 9:30am – 3.30pm. Attendees will be taught by Dr Julie Pearson, Senior Lecturer Course Lead for Primary PGCE PE Specialism at St Mary’s, and the Founder and Director of Pogo Pulse, Barton Williams.

Past participants have said “Learning to ride a pogo stick has allowed our pupils' creative and social skills to flourish. We have also started to see improvements in the level of focus and determination in their learning. They have certainly become more confident in their management of risk and decision making.

Just as the children find pogo riding to be fun, so did I as the course was mainly practical, but pitched in an inclusive way so we could all achieve within the sessions. I enjoyed learning by doing and understood the many links shared to develop within the different domains of PE. We hope to get more sticks to involve even more children in this physical activity before, during and after school.”

To find out more about the course visit the University website or contact Dr Julie Pearson.

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