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Part 1: Entry level

Initial preparation for successful mentoring

Entry Level is for:

  • those who are new to mentoring trainees
  • those who wish to become mentors of trainees
  • class teachers working with trainees.

Teachers wishing to take part in this scheme need to gain the support of the school's Professional Co-ordinating Mentor (PCM).

The requirement for Entry level certification is for mentors to meet the criteria shown below. The PCM will oversee the programme and, with the support of the SCITT / HEI tutor, give approval for certification.

The training programme will cover two online modules of work:

  • Module 1: understanding the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) PROVIDER processes and paperwork.
  • Module 2: getting the best out of the Weekly Training Meeting.

Such programmes need not be 'taught' - i.e. they can be via self study of the online modules.

We anticipate that in a large number of cases, prior experience of mentoring may be subsituted for the activities. PCMs will issue the certificates available in electronic form from the PROVIDER associated with the trainee they are mentoring.

Who does what?

Teacher / Mentor

  • Discuss and agree with PCM your wish to undertake the work required for Entry level certification. Please use the Audit [document under review, link to follow] to support this conversation.
  • Work your way through Module 1 and Module 2. In addition you may find it helpful to discuss the mentoring role with an experienced mentor in your department.
  • Ensure a joint observation has taken place with the PROVIDER tutor when they visit the trainee as part of the PROVIDER's Quality Assurance process.
  • When you and your PCM are satisfied that you have met the Entry level criteria, print out and both sign the Entry Level record sheet [documentation being updated, link to follow] and send to the St Mary's partnership office for approval.
  • The partnership office will issue you with an electronic Entry level certificate. Please keep this certificate for future reference.

Please note: In entering into the certification process, the Mentor is agreeing to share their data between the PROVIDERS that confirms you have achieved Entry level.

Professional Co-ordinating Mentor (PCM)

Post the Mentor Certification flyer in your staff room and inform your existing Mentors of the scheme.

  • When the activities have been successfully completed on the Entry level criteria page, the Mentor will record brief details on the Entry Level record sheet and sign it: you then sign.
  • The Entry level certificate will be sent electronically to the Mentor from the trainee's partnership office.
  • Please ask the Mentor to forward the email so that you can keep a copy of the record sheet and certificate for the school records.


  • The relevant PROVIDER will facilitate central CPD opportunities at least once a year to support mentors and PCMs in the most up-to-date subject expertise. This should allow mentors to engage in their own developing research.
  • A central record will be kept by each PROVIDER of mentors who have received certification. This central record will allow all PROVIDERS involved to check mentor certification, and to record on their own database each time a mentor works with their partnership.