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Part 2: Mastery level

Being a successful mentor

Mastery Level is for those currently working as a mentor. Certification at this stage requires working as a mentor over a sustained period of at least one year.

Pre-requisites: Entry level certificate, or proven record of experience of mentoring. Please contact your PROVIDER to discuss your record of experience if you do not have an Entry level certificate.

Successful candidates will have provided evidence of reflective engagement in the range of criteria, set out against the National Standards for school-based ITT mentors. This will be through submission of a Mentor Development Portfolio or equivalent evidence which could include professional conversations.

Who does what?


  1. Discuss Mastery level certification with your PCM and share the Audit of your experience [documentation under review, link to follow]. You may also wish to talk to the PROVIDER subject tutor as well as other mentors in your school.
  2. During the period of mentoring, ensure that you track your progress against the National Standards criteria. Keep in discussion with your PCM and the visiting tutor from your PROVIDER.
  3. You will need to provide evidence of successful completion of all ey criteria. You may wish to do so in a portfolio, or through keeping track of where the evidence can be found
  4. When you have sufficient evidence, discuss with your PCM. If all the criteria have been satisfied, print out and complete the Mastery level record sheet [documentation under review, link to follow], signed by both mentor and PCM, and send to your partnership office. The PROVIDER Link Tutor will also be asked to confirm that a satisfactory level has been achieved. Please ensure that you share your evidence with the tutor when they visit the school.
  5. Once the PROVIDER link tutor has confirmed agreement, the partnership office will send an electronic Mastery level certificate.
  6. Please keep a copy of the certificate for your future records.
  7. Please note: In entering into the certification process, the Mentor is agreeing to share their data between the PROVIDERS that confirms you have achieved Mastery level.

Professional Co-ordinating Mentor (PCM)

Post the Mentor Certification flyer in your staff room and inform your existing Mentors of the scheme.

As a normal part of your PCM role, you will be supporting and monitoring the work of your mentors during the year. Please ensure that you have observed the mentor undertaking a lesson observation with feedback and target setting.

Towards the end, the mentor will present you with their evidence base for successfully completing all of the criteria. If you confirm this, the Mentor will complete the Mastery level record sheet and sign it: you then sign.

Once the PROVIDER link tutor has confirmed agreement, the partnership office will send the mentor an electronic Mastery level certificate.

Please ask the Mentor to forward the email so that you can keep a copy of the record sheet and certificate for the school records.


  • The relevant PROVIDER will facilitate central CPD opportunities at least once a year to support mentors and PCMs in the most up-to-date subject expertise. This should allow mentors to engage in their own developing research.
  • A central record will be kept by each PROVIDER of mentors who have received certification. This central record will allow all PROVIDERS involved to check mentor certification, and to record on their own database each time a mentor works with their partnership.