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Effective lesson observation feedback

Our key priority is to evaluate the impact of teaching on pupils’ learning and guide the trainee as to how this can be further improved. Please consider the following questions to start a post lesson debrief with a trainee:

1. Quality of classroom environment and classroom expectations, including behaviour (S1 and S7)

  • What was your inspiration for your lesson? (S1) (St Mary’s lecture / school / LT / peer / children)
  • Discuss the stretch and challenge you implemented within your lesson? (S1)
  • What strategies did you use to ensure the environment was conducive for learning? (S7)
  • How did you know all pupils were engaged? (S7)
  • How could you have adapted the lesson to improve behaviour? (S7)

2. Quality of pupil progress, teaching and adaptive teaching (S2, S4 and S5)

  • Were the learning outcomes met today? What evidence do you have for this? (S2)
  • What impact did your lesson have on pupils’ learning? (S2)
  • What did the pupils achieve by the end of the lesson? How do you know? How will they move on? (S2)
  • How did you support the progress of pupils with a barrier to learning/your profile children in the lesson? (S5)
  • How could you better support all pupils in future lessons? (S5)
  • How do you know you used your TA effectively today? (S5)

3. Quality of subject knowledge (S3)

  • Explain how you used your knowledge (own and subject) to plan this lesson ensuring pupil progress (S3)
  • Based on today’s lesson what strategy will you look to develop in order to improve pupils’ learning? (S3)

4. Quality of assessment of and for learning (S6)

  • How effective was formative and/or summative assessment during your lesson? How do you know? (S6)
  • How did your previous lesson feed into today’s lesson? How will this feed into your next one? (S6)

5. Professional behaviours (S8)

  • On reflection, what have you learnt of significance from your lesson today? Why? (S8)
  • What would you change if you were to repeat the lesson? (S8)
  • Discuss the progress you have made on one target area since last week/observation (S8)
  • What would your next target(s) be? (S8)

Thie above content is mapped against the five clusters of the ITT Core Content Framework, which states that in school trainees will learn:

  • Behaviour management 
  • Pedagogy 
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Professional Behaviours