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Appendix 3: What is meant by a training department?

The relationship between the Mentor and the trainee is a delicate one. In the majority of cases it is a positive one. It works best when both parties understand what reasonable expectations are.

The Mentor takes a leadership responsibility for the trainee in partnership with the University Subject Tutor.

Mentoring tasks often involve other members of the department, including support staff - this provides the opportunity for the explicit discussion and development of features of teaching, learning, assessment and subject knowledge.

The training department helps the trainee to undertake the activities from the School-Based Training Activities - this will involve the trainee in a number of whole-school contacts.

The training department provides the trainee with opportunities to observe good practice and varied teaching styles.

The training department may also contribute towards the development of the trainee’s subject knowledge through the opportunity to watch a range of lessons.

The training department facilitates the design of the trainee’s block experience timetable and gradually introduces the trainee into those classes before the block begins. The trainee should work with a range of teachers wherever possible.

During the block school experience, different members of the training department are involved in lesson observation and debriefing. This involvement provides material for the Weekly Training Meeting and has benefits for the continuing professional development of teachers within the department.