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James Fleminng headshotJames Fleminng

James Fleming is a lecturer in Sports Nutrition/Health and Exercise Science at St Mary’s University London. He also works alongside the England Women’s Under 20’s Rugby Programme as a Performance Nutritionist.

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James’ passion lies in sports performance and the role of nutrition, with particular interest in optimising performance through nutritional strategies, low energy availability, and the elite youth athlete. James is also part way through a PhD investigating ‘Nutrition and Physiology in Elite Youth Tennis Players’.

MRes project areas

There are a few broad areas that James would like to invite MRes candidates to complete projects in. For some projects, there may be opportunities to collaborate with high level sports athletes. These are:


  • The effects of multiple-match play/training on performance
  • Monitoring training load, nutrition and recovery habits
  • Enhancing performance capacity through manipulating nutrition


Tel: 020 8240 4359

Dr Magali Chohan headshotDr Magali Chohan

Magali is the Programme Director for the BSc Health & Exercise Science, she lectures on the undergraduate and postgraduate Nutrition programmes. Magali is a Registered Nutritionist (AfN) in nutrition science, and a UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) accredited advisor and Educator.

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Magali’s research focus is on the health benefits of bioactive compounds of plant foods. Other interests include the psychology of food choice, functional foods and healthy ageing.

MRes project areas

Magali would like to invite MRes candidates to complete projects in nutrition science:

  • Health effects of bioactive compounds of plant foods
  • Health effects of functional foods


Email: 020 8240 8289

Dr Kyriaki Myrissa headshotDr Kyriaki Myrissa

Kyriaki Myrissa is a lecturer in Nutrition and Health and Exercise Science. She obtained a BSc in Psychology (2009) from the University of Leeds where she began her research career with a Masters by Research (2011) and continued with completing her PhD (2016). Alongside her teaching, she is currently working on a research collaborative project examining the effects of a dietary intervention for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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Kyriaki’s research interests focus on appetite, nutrition, lifestyle interventions and body weight control; Dietary factors in the aetiology of obesity and overweight (e.g. the role of dietary fibre); Resistance and susceptibility to weight loss/(re)gain (psychological/behavioural risk factors); Effect of diet/food intake on self-reported physical and psychological wellbeing.

MRes project areas

Here is a list of possible research areas that Kyriaki would like to invite MRes candidates to complete projects in:

  • Effects of dietary and/or exercise and/or behavioural and/or mindfulness interventions on obesity and weight related outcomes
  • Effects of different foods and/or food components on appetite and/or body weight control, behavioural outcomes and/or cognitive performance
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of web-based interventions on post-partum weight retention
  • Examination of early determinants of overeating in children and young adults
  • Loss of appetite in ageing, specifically how to manage malnutrition and  compliance to oral nutritional supplements in older adults


Tel: 020 8240 4292

Dr Eirini Kelaiditi

Eirini is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition with clinical and research experience in the health care sector and academia in different institutions in Greece, the UK and France. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece (2005) and a MSc in Human Nutrition and Metabolism from the University of Aberdeen, UK (2009). Eirini has undertaken her PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology at the University of East Anglia (2014). After completing her PhD, she joined the Institute of Ageing, Gérontopôle, University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, France as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate.

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Eirini’s research focuses on understanding the importance of nutrition (dietary patterns, macro- and micronutrients) and physical activity on human health, disease, ageing, and wellbeing with particular emphasis on malnutrition, frailty, cognition, Alzheimer’s disease, and sarcopenia. Eirini has a developing interest in cancer survivors research.

Here is a list of possible research areas that Eirini would like to invite MRes candidates to complete projects in:

  • The role of nutrition (nutrients and diet patterns) and/or physical activity/exercise for the prevention of frailty, sarcopenia, cognition, physical, functional performance and disability in older populations – both population and interventional studies.
  • Knowledge and attitudes towards healthy eating and physical activity recommendations in older people living in the community.
  • Nutritional Status, cognitive performance and Quality of Life in Older People Living in the Community and in care homes.
  • Exploring the importance of hydration in older people living in the community or care homes.
  • Dietary habits/food intake, lifestyle factors and adherence to the World Cancer Research           Fund recommendations of people living beyond cancer.


Tel: 020 8240 1072