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Strength and conditioning MRes supervisors

JamieTDr Jamie Tallent

Jamie is a Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University. Jamie has previously worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in numerous sports including, professional cricket, rugby and basketball. He is also currently works closely with the English Cricket Board.

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Jamie’s specialist areas are:

  • Neuromuscular physiology
  • Neuromuscular fatigue
  • Women’s health
  • Training load
  • Eccentric contractions
MRes project areas

There are three broad areas that Jamie would like to invite MRes candidates to complete projects in. For all areas, there is the opportunity to learn new novel laboratory techniques.

  • Neurological adaptations to exercise
  • The effects of the menstrual cycle on exercise
  • Physiological requirements of cricket

Tel: 020 8240 8246

phil-priceDr Phil Price

Phil is the BSc Programme Director for Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Science and also lectures on the MSc S&C programme and the Masters of Research programme at St Mary’s University. Phil has a PhD in Bioengineering form St Mary’s University and has been lecturing at St Mary’s University for nine years. Phil is also the former head S&C coach of Ealing Trailfinders RFC and has worked with athletes ranging from national to international level.

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Phil’s specialist areas are:

  • Lower limb function
  • Performance and injury
  • Understanding injury mechanisms
  • Musculoskeletal modelling
MRes project areas

There are three broad areas that Phil would like to invite MRes candidates to complete projects in. For some projects, there will be opportunities to work with elite sports teams. These are:

  • Determinants of lower limb injury
  • Understanding ACL injury mechanisms using musculoskeletal modelling
  • Mechanical factors effecting explosive performance (Jumps, Sprints etc)
  • Mechanics of Paralympic Powerlifting

Tel: 020 8240 4224

emily-cushionEmily Cushion

Emily is a Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University. Prior to working here, she worked with the English Institute of Sport as a strength and conditioning coach, working with various sports.

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Emily’s specialist areas are: movement variability analysis and female health.

MRes project areas

There are two broad areas that Emily would like to invite MRes candidates to complete projects in. These are:

  • Determining movement variability in skill development or pathological conditions
  • Understanding movement changes influenced by the menstrual cycle


alex_bliss100x150Alex Bliss

Alex is a Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning Science and teaches on the undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He is BASES accredited in physiological support and is an accredited strength and conditioning coach with the UKSCA. Alex also works regionally for England Golf as a strength and conditioning coach.

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Alex has published in a range of topic areas including:

  • Talent ID and development
  • Physiological profiling
  • Plyometric training
  • Golf science
  • Isokinetics

He is also studying for a PhD investigating inflammation in highly trained endurance athletes.

MRes project areas

Alex currently supervises a project with Dr Mark Waldron at Crystal Palace FC which may repeat yearly. Alex would like to invite project ideas relating to:

  • Inflammation
  • Physiological/Strength monitoring in endurance sport, particularly running or triathlon
  • Strength training for golf
  • Wheelchair and disability sport

Tel: 020 8240 8246

guiseppe-cimadoroDr Giuseppe Cimadoro

Giuseppe is a Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning Science at St Mary’s University. Giuseppe has been involved for several years in Combat Sports (Thai-boxing, K-1, kickboxing), and Track & Field (sprinting) as a coach, and in professional Tennis as Strength and Conditioning trainer. He is currently active coaching Kickboxing, Thai-Boxing and delivering S&C in Tennis.

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Giuseppe’s applied research areas relate to Strength and Conditioning and Stand-Up Striking Combat Sports performance:

  • Development of impact force assessment devices
  • Fighting acute fatigue
  • Fighting performance modelling
  • Neuromuscular and perceptual features of striking
MRes project areas

Giuseppe invites MRes candidates to complete projects related to fighting performance modelling, mechanical and neuromuscular features of fighting actions, and strength training effects on force/accuracy of striking.

  • Neuromuscular and mechanical characteristics of kick striking
  • Modelling Kickboxing K-1 style and Muay Thai performance
  • Effects of induced muscle contusion on neuromuscular efficiency
  • Transfer of strength training to accurate punch or kick striking.