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Harassment, bullying, violence, hate crimes or sexual misconduct are never ok and even microaggressions can cause us to feel unsafe or excluded. If you have experienced, witnessed or been told about any form of bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, or a hate crime, 'Report & Support' will provide you with a number of options and information relating to how an incident can be reported to the university, what happens after an incident has been reported and how you can access support.

If you wish to report a safeguarding concern please refer to our safeguarding pages

Our values of Inclusiveness, Generosity of Spirit, Respect and Excellence underpin all we do as a University and set the expectation that all students, staff and visitors are treated with dignity and respect. Whilst we have always had procedures in place, we wanted to improve the information we give to students and staff and make their options clearer. As a community, we care about our collective wellbeing, and being fully inclusive. By introducing Report and Support, we strive to make St Mary's a safe place for all. 

Our 'Report' pages provide information on how incidents can be reported, including:

  • Anonymous reporting
  • Making an informal disclosure
  • Making a formal report to the university 
  • Links to university policies

Our 'Support' pages provide information on internal and external avenues of support, relating to:

  • Bullying and harassment (including definitions)
  • Hate incidents (including definitions)
  • Sexual misconduct (including definitions)
  • What if I am accused?
  • Receiving a disclosure and how to help
  • Students supporting friends 
  • Staff supporting students 

If you require emergency help, please call emergency services on 999 (or 112 from a mobile). If you're deaf or hard of hearing, you can text 999 if you're pre-registered with the emergency SMS service. If you need to register for this service, you can find information on how to do so here. 

For detailed information on the different ways you can submit a report and how to access support, please select which applies to you: